why your business needs to install a door access control system.

Top 9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Install a Door Access Control System

Businesses these days can never be too safe. In the event of truly terrible things happening, with vandalism and violence rampant in many cities across the country, it pays to have the best security to keep you and your business safe. 

That’s why it’s so important to have a proper access control system installed for your doors, allowing you to control who comes and goes from your business. Not only will this help to keep your customers and employees feeling safe, but it will help to deter random acts of violence and vandalism that are so common today. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 9 reasons why your business needs to install a door access control system, so keep reading now to get all the details. 

1 Deter Theft

The first and perhaps most obvious reason you should have a door access control system in place at your business is to prevent theft. If anyone can just walk into your business from off the street, you never know who might be in the building. 

A lot more theft occurs in this manner than you might think. If a robber can simply enter the building without much difficulty, they’re far more likely to take equipment, products, or even sensitive information you have lying around. 

2 Deter Acts of Violence

It has also become increasingly common for businesses to fall victim to random or planned acts of violence. It’s an ugly world we live in, and shootings have become commonplace throughout much of the world. It will be much harder for a potential shooter to enter your business and commit acts of violence if they can’t easily get in in the first place. 

3 Reduce Risk of Vandalism

Along the same vein, a door access control system will help to reduce the risk of vandalism for your business. Many times, intruders do not want to hurt people or take things, they simply want to do some damage to your property. Whether that means spray painting their graffiti tags on your building or smashing your business’s equipment, it’s better to make it difficult for them to get inside. 

4 Know Who Goes In and Out

Many door access control systems will keep a record of who enters and leaves the building. This can be extremely handy for business owners to know, especially if they believe there’s been an internal data breach or something similar. This may also make it easier for management to keep track of their employees and their activity while at work. 

Here is why your business needs to install a door access control system.

5 Restricted Access

Door access control systems don’t only apply to exterior doors, they can also be used inside your business to restrict access to certain areas. For example, your business may have a wing that holds sensitive material or information that only a few employees should be able to access. You can set up an access control system for doors leading into that area to make sure only the right people are able to enter. 

6 Prevent Old Employees from Causing Trouble

If for some reason you’ve had to let a few employees go due to downsizing or something similar, you never know how these employees are going to react. With a door access control system, you can suspend access to your building immediately, rendering their access card useless. This will help to keep your current employees safe while also reducing the risk of unwanted visitors from returning to your business. 

7 Set Access Periods

For many businesses, they may only operate during certain hours of the day. That means that employees shouldn’t need access to the building outside of those specific hours. A door access control system will allow you to set up a period of access, from 9 to 5 for example, in which employees are able to access the building. Outside of those hours, their access cards will not work. 

8 Remote Access

You can also open the doors remotely if needed. Say you’re away on vacation and you have a contractor who needs to access your building, but there’s no one around to let them in. You can access the control system remotely and let them in from wherever you may be. 

9 Maintain Access When You Need It

No one is perfect, right? Many times, employees may have locked the building up when they weren’t supposed to or may have forgotten to lock up entirely after their shift. With a door access control system, you can lock up from far away, without the need to drag the employee back or to go out and lock up yourself. 

The Solution

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