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Our Staff – Years of Experience at Work for You

Our Staff

All installers with BridgeCable.com hold various certifications from all different fields of the computer industry, from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Sniffer, Hewlett Packard, Citrix, and more…

Our staff is fully insured and completes a safety-oriented installation every time.

paul owner

Paul Wallace


215-901-0053 paulw@bridgecable.com

victoria project manager philadelphia 2 1

Victoria Blasi

Office Manager

609-464-2546 victoriab@bridgecable.com

emily marketing assistant

Emily D.

Marketing Specialist

445-235-0863 - emily@bridgecable.com

peter it expert 2

Peter W.

Operations Manager

877-832-1206 - peterw@bridgecable.com

chevy sales department estimator client relations

Chevy G.

Business Development

877-832-1206 - cheavorg@bridgecable.com

victor estimator

Victor B.


877-832-1206 - estimating@bridgecable.com

ray residential senior technician

Ray F.

Senior Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

carroll network cabling installer

Carroll W.

Senior Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

matt network cabling lead

Matt L.

Senior Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

marcus network cabling installer

Marcus W.

Structured Cabling Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

mike network cabling installer

Mike C.

Structured Cabling Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

ben network cabling installer

Ben W.

Network Cabling Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

steve network cabling technician

Steve C.

Structured Cabling Installer

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

matt junior network cabling installer

Matt A.

Network Cabling Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

shawn network cabling installer

Shawn A.

Structured Cabling Technician

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

jake brand ambassador

Jake W.

Brand Ambassador

877-832-1206 - info@bridgecable.com

Whether you follow Bridge Cable on any social media platform or you’ve seen our crew first hand, we wanted our clients to get to know the team. On our YouTube channel we have an exclusive Interview series called, “Employee Spotlight.”

In this exclusive series our Project Manager, Victoria, sits down with a featured technician to ask them in depth questions not only about Network Cabling, but also questions to learn some fun facts about them! Read below for a few key points from our key team members.

our staff


Senior Technician; New Construction Specialist

Mark, Senior Technician; New Construction Specialist. Marks dream of becoming a Network Cable Installer started at a very young age. Looking back, he vividly remembers the first time a cable guy came to his childhood home to install their brand new cable. As if a spark lit in his eye, he knew that is what he wanted to be.

Originally getting his start in the business via the union, he is up for any challenge whether it is going to a service ticket, a job that is already in progress or stepping foot on a new job! Of all the things that Bridge Cable offers, Marks favorite is an original; he loves to pull cable! Mark knows that this is the most important thing of any job so he takes pride in it.

Even though snips are a Network Guy’s best friend, Mark wants to make sure that everyone also carries a punch down for your jacks and your patch panels in addition to a flashlight. Think of it this way, would you rather drop a flashlight down a column or your brand new iPhone? Thought so; make that two flashlights you’d want to carry!

Mark may love sports outside of work but while on the job site, it’s not all fun and games. You have to be aware of other trades. This can range from being aware of where everyone is, their tools or their end results (pipes, HVAC or electrical).

Senior Technician; Door Access Control Specialist

Vince, Senior Technician; Door Access Control Specialist. While Vince may seem shy in front of the camera, he is one of the strongest players on the Bridge Cable team. Even though his specialty is door access control, he knows it all! Originating as an Electrician, Vince learned the trade by ensuring that he read a lot and jumping into the work to learn while on the job. His advice? Don’t rush anything. Just take your time and you will get there!

Being a Philly native, Vince always comes prepared. He always makes sure to have snips because they will be needed to cut and splice the cable, a Sharpie is then needed to label the cable and lastly electrical tape is needed in the process of pulling the cable. No matter what type of job site or task Vince is working on, his favorite thing never changes. He loves to see the before and after! Like anyone else, Vince is aware of any danger. Even though he is afraid of heights, he still gets up on those ladders and practices safety! So when Vince isn’t at home watching TV on his time off, he is working above and beyond for all of our clients!

Philadelphia Network Data Cabling Company

Much more than just a cable installation company however, our comprehensive services portfolio includes the retail, lease, consultation, installation and maintenance of established, proven and reliable business telephone systems.

our staff

Bridgecable.com specializes in network data cabling installation: consultation and recommendation, supply and installation of all standard computer, voice and data cables, and all necessary cabling components. Offered in parallel is a selection of the most competitive network maintenance and repair packages available – network cable installation support packages can be arranged to cover computer and telecommunication hardware, or any other requirements you may have.

Network Consulting Projects

From consultation to the installation of your network cable system, project management to system maintenance – Our staff at Bridgecable.com will create a package tailored to your needs – full-service packages specifically designed to alleviate reliance on multiple contracts, leading to improved business efficiency, increasing cost savings, and greater operator confidence.

Working in partnership, we are able to offer a comprehensive service including a full cable installation and design service covering anything from upgrading an existing installation to an entire electrical, telecommunications and data installation of a multi story office or major factory site. Please use the navigation above to browse our site for more specific information on our network cable installation services.