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Cabling Services: Installations, Repairs and Relocation

Site Surveys – provides complete site surveys to verify physical requirements and identify any unique characteristics of the project. This information is then used to determine quotes and carry out fast, but efficient network data cabling installations.

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Over the course of an installations life cycle there will always be needs for changes, moves, or break/fix types of work. provides a complete solution which is able to handle everything from your cable installation to equipment maintenance.

Our Core Services
Network Cabling
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Fiber Optic Cabling
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Residential and Commercial Network Cabling and Installation

Bridge Cable offer services for any cabling installation consisting of telephone, voice and data including data centers, server rooms and cable management. Even though residential and commercial cabling are two different installations with different approaches, Bridge Cable is here to help. We also specialize in custom cabling; especially on residential sites as well as commercial office spaces.

Commercial Telephone Cabling & Installation

Bridge Cable also offers highly efficient telephone system installations for both homes and commercial properties thanks to our highly trained and experienced technicians. Telephone carries both data and voice modulations. Rest assured, Bridge Cable able to handle both applications.

TV Mounting

Providing TV Mounting is a hidden gem for the Bridge Cable team. We have executed mounted TV Wall Displays at multiple locations ranging from offices to sports venues. Our network cabling technicians would be happy to do TV mounting for residential service tickets as well. The Bridge Cable team has also had the opportunity in mounting and setting up large scale TVs in an entire school district; which included their elementary, middle and high school buildings with each room having its own TV mounted! Learn more about this service by giving us a call at 877-832-1206.

In-House Repair Center

Bridge Cable offers in-house repairs in any cases involving faulty wiring or any cabling issues. We also repair network systems, MDFs or installation errors. Anything related to network cabling issues, Bridge Cable is ready to fix them for you.

Preventive Maintenance

Bridge cable offers preventive maintenance services that will make your cables and units work longer than its normal lifespan and to lessen the possibility of failing. It will be done while the equipment, cable, or unit is still working; so it does not fall through unexpectedly. This is regularly performed and scheduled based on the time and usage.

Onsite Computer Training

The Bridge Cable website offers free online tools for the people new in the industry. Whether you are visiting our FAQ or Knowledge Center pages, you are bound to find some useful information. We also have other means online like a YouTube channel and a blog site, both packed with tutorials videos, tips and written articles. However, in order to specialize in the network cabling basics and troubleshooting, Bridge Cable also does on site computer training for aspiring industry interns.

Network Setup and Installation

The Bridge Cable team also performs network set up and configurations. These include hubs, routers, switches, wireless access points and more. Bridge Cable does all around network and data cabling services in addition to many other offered services.

Systems Integration

Combining different systems or components into one larger system, Bridge Cable ensures that each integrated system is functioning, as well as it is required. Whether it is an emergency connection loss, networking issues, routing errors, Wi-Fi connection issues; you can call Bridge Cable for help.

DSL & ISDN Setup

Bridge Cable also supports and installs DSL and ISDN lines. ISDN, or international services digital network, is a digital transmission system which is used to transmit data and voice through copper telephone wires. DSL, or digital subscriber line, does the same too. They have differences in speed, price and technology and Bridge Cable works well on both.

Email and Phone Support

Bridge Cable is always ready to answer any inquiries at anytime. We are available 24/7 and can be reached through email at or you can click the link to reach us via a contact form. We are also available via the phone at 877-832-1206 for any inquiries and consultations.

Written Analysis on Current Network and Cabling Environments

Before working on a project, Bridge Cable offers a site visit to check what needs to be done in the area. The site must be thoroughly inspected to ensure a clean and flawless output. With this, a written analysis on the current network and healing environment will be done along with the proposal.

Network Services We Provide In the Philadelphia Areas
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Emergency Network Cabling Help in Philadelphia

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