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We Offer More than Just Network Cabling Services

At Bridge Cable we not only provide Network Cabling services but also offer a variety of free online tools and articles. We do this for our clients who would like to know more about the nature of the job, as well as for those who just truly love to learn new skills!
Free Training from Bridge Cable does not end in our Learning Center. Bridge Cable has several established Social Media Channels and a blog site where we regularly share updates about Network Cabling.

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Watch and Learn With Bridge Cable

The Bridge Cable media team offers multiple ways of learning whether it is for our team or you, the public. Our senior Network Cabling technicians love to share their own knowledge as they have many years of experience in the field.

  • Blog: If you are the type of person that enjoys reading or if this is the way you learn better, check out our blog section! Here you will find multiple articles ranging from all different aspects throughout the Network Cabling field!
  • Knowledge Center: If you are the type of person that enjoys quick facts but not the heavy reading, then our Knowledge Center is built specifically for you!
  • FAQ: Want to get to the answer quick without all of the scrolling and reading, visit our FAQ section. If there is a question that you have that you don’t see, please email us at and not only will we answer it, but it may end up on our site as well!
  • YouTube Channel: Maybe reading isn’t your thing or you are more of a visual learner; if that is the case, our YouTube channel is right up your alley! Ranging from fun extras to tutorials to real life location walkthroughs, we have a little bit of everything for everybody!

Support Systems

One of the most essential things when running cables is to have a great support system. No, we aren’t talking about family and friends, but they are always nice to have. We are talking about your cable management options. The two most commonly used by the Bridge Cable team are J-Hooks and Cable Trays. While there are more options, we want you to get familiar with what you may see at your location after a Bridge Cable install. Both of these options will help avoid laying any cables over a ceiling tile or anything else in the ceiling.


  • J-Hooks – Given the name by its shape, a J-Hook can be used in an area that a Cable Tray installation cannot occur or when the cable installation would take place in a confined area. Recommended to be installed every 4 to 6 feet, you would pass your cables through the J-Hook to the next. You have to be sure not to exceed the amount of recommended cables that can pass through the device. To go along with the J-Hook, you would need a fitting in order to ensure that it is attached to beams, columns or walls.
  • Cable Trays – At times, Cable Trays can be called a Ladder Rack because it looks similar to that of a ladder. Cable trays are installed in the ceilings themselves. Any cable running horizontally would be placed in this unit and can support hundreds of cables depending on the specific Cable Tray itself.
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We have many more videos to offer and you can browse through our YouTube channel for more short tutorials
but we’ll give you some links here:
  • Official Installation Guide for Network Cable Rack
  • Network Cabling Basic | Installation of Patch Panels with Tips
  • How To Crimp Coaxial Cable Wire Guide
  • Tutorial for Punching Down or Installing a Network Jack
  • Installing RJ45 Network Cabling Connection or Head to a Cable

Other Network Cabling Resources

Here are some other helpful websites that you might want to check out to learn more about Network Cabling…

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