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Wireless Network Installations in Philadelphia

Bridge Cable technicians are experienced at various installations of your wired backbone as well as planning your complete wireless rollout. Here are just a few examples of the projects that we have completed:

  • Complete network cabling backbone for Holiday Inn Hotel with
    patch panels on each floor connecting home runs, direct cables,
    to the server room. Placement of network cabling for the actual
    WAPs, Wireless Access Points, and mounted. Complete
    documentation of WAPs and cabling ensure AT&T a smooth rollout
    from lagging older network.
  • Complete network cabling and placement of WAPs in several
    warehouse and factories.
  • Service, repair and installation within large seating arenas
    of wired network cabling from WAPs placement and
  • Complete network wiring and testing with WAPs
    placement in a nursing home covering multiple floors
    into the server room and IDF location.
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Wireless Networks

Please keep in mind regardless of whether you use our wireless network installation services, to SECURE your wireless network.

Newest Trend: Visitors to your location or office would like to access the internet but you do not want to give up on your network’s security or the added cost of multiple wireless routers. Install a hard line network cable to a location of the visitors or close to that area for optimal signal. Wire an access point with limited security and configure the firewall/settings to avoid your main network.

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Wireless Network Installation by Philadelphia Experts

We can provide complete turnkey WAPs ordering, purchasing, installation and wiring for your office. Whether you are using enterprise equipment like Cisco or even Trendnet our techs can do the complete install working closely with our Project Managers and you.

In the advent of Wireless Technology and Installation many businesses and residential customers have utilized our services. Most network security holes come with the improper device settings of such wireless services. Bridge Cable will install your existing or pre-brought wireless devices for maximum security and performance.

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How Does a Wireless Network Work?

In order to be able to walk around using internet on your phone or if you need to move your laptop constantly, you will need to utilize a wireless network. In order to do so, your home or business will be in need of a central hub such as a router or wireless access point. Yes, these units will initially be connected via a network cable (such as CAT6 or CAT6a) but the goal is that they will transmit your internet signal completely wirelessly.

Things to keep in mind that may disrupt a signal:

• Are you moving from building to building?
• What is the building structure like?
• Are you moving from floor to floor?
• Is the router or WAP signal potential blocked by something? (ex. This is an issue that occurs a lot in warehouses because their shelving or product palettes will block the wireless signal path)

More common in commercial locations or larger residence, you can hire the Bridge Cable team to perform a heatmap walkthrough. This allows the team time to gather data using a specific software to give you the opportunity to visually see the locations weak and strong spots when it comes to wireless internet. When identifying these, you can quickly resolve the issue by having the team install a WAP in the needed area and voilà, you will have a stronger signal!

Choosing the Correct Cable

Some may choose a CAT5 network cable because “its been around, I know it and I don’t want to risk change.” Some may go for CAT6a because it is newer. Ultimately, choose the cable that works for what you are using it for. You need to weigh the speed and distance need in your decision. Another factor that may slip the mind of some is the thickness of the cable itself. Depending on where that cable is going/coming from you may need to utilize CAT5 vs. CAT6 because it is thinner. Think of this, say you have cables running through a piece of conduit and this is your ONLY option – can all the cables truly fit? Yes, you do want to choose the cable that will give you the best performance but choose the cable that is best overall for the entire project and scope.

**Please note there are other factors involved as well. Feel free to give us a call at 877-832-1206 to talk to one of our experts!

BridgeCable.com can offer suggestions for your wireless network needs. Contact our top specialists for the wireless network installation in Philadelphia today and get your specialized project plan. Current Wireless Installation Projected Work Rate is discounted.

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