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How was Bridge Cable Formed?

Bridge Global Services, DBA Bridge Cable, is located in the Philadelphia area serving Allentown, Reading, King of Prussia and the entire state of New Jersey as well. We were founded by two brothers back in 2006, doing their first cabling job for DHL’s Philadelphia warehouse. Since that time we have become the #1 Philadelphia Network Data Cabling Installation Company in the Tri-State area. The reason we grew is our work values and complete understanding of the best installation methods. We value doing the best job and keeping all our clients.

In addition, the Bridge Cable team is the highest rated Network Cabling company on Google!

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Who is Bridge Global Services?

We have expert handpicked teams of local technicians that strive to do the best job on every job. Management brings to the table former construction, IT admin, sales and even government skills. Our teams working on your project generally consists of a senior technician with an Information Technology background to ensure a great understanding level. From that foundation we take ‘a hands on’ approach on every aspects of your project. Our technicians are merely extension of your own team, and we are pulling for your success.

Why Partner with Bridge Global Services?

There are various reasons to hire us for your next network data cabling installation but let us give

0% Missed Deadlines

With our expert project team and management we have never missed our clients timelines. At times we are the last company to be called and many times we can offer the Same Day service we boast about.

0% Defects

We take the time to ensure all our materials offer the highest level of performance. To date we have had no warranty claims or defects. Again, with the prior planning, expert data cabling techs and proper testing your project is secure

84% Repeat Business

The above fact is one of the reasons why we retain our clients. We believe in a relationship approach and enjoy watching our clients grow and expand. Most of our work is with clients that value our work and input. That being said, we always welcome new clients!

Local & Loyal

Ever signed up for work to be done but have no idea who is showing up? Ever deal with Sub Contractors that just give you their “half-effort” attitude? Our onsite techs are handpicked for each project and local residents in your town. Loyal? We pride ourselves in paying our teams the most in the industry and it extends to their effort to give your project the best results. Most cabling contractor websites are just selling your information to the highest bidder that in turns sells the work to the lowest bidder. Hence you get the lowest skilled workers and lowest quality job.

Top Training and Leader in the Field

Bridge CableWith constant training and cutting edge equipment we stay abreast of the changes in the cabling world. We constantly invest in training our teams and outfitting them with the best equipment. Our knowledge pool is shared with techs outside the Philadelphia area using our YouTube channel. We give back in various ways and our constant goal is to give more than we take.

Highest Nationally Rated Network Cabling Company Servicing PA Area Since 2006
We Do it All

Whether we step foot on a residential property, corporate headquarters, supermarket, a retail store, factory or an office space, we provide network cabling needs to all!

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We Offer What is Needed: The ability to offer multiple services and to have experts in those fields readily available is very beneficial! Our technicians are always attending training courses on new products to be able to provide the best services possible! Some of our top selected services are:

References: We provide references from real people that have partnered with us!

It Sounds Too Good to Be True!

It some cases, it can be. But when it comes to Bridge Cable, it isn’t! We provide real life testimonials on both our brochures, fact sheets and our website because our clients are just like you!

Not only that, we provide our audience and clients inside looks to our team and projects via our YouTube page so you can get an unfiltered look at Bridge Cable and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. We lay everything on the table so that you feel not only confident in your choice but comfortable with the Bridge Cable team.

On our YouTube page we provide tutorials, tips of the trade, inside look of our experts on location and some fun extras! Be sure to out our page and don’t forget to subscribe!