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Fire Alarm Installation – Philadelphia Area

Our team of experts for fire alarm installation in Philadelphia provides the best system for both managing risk and protecting your business.

How Do We Do This? By understanding your business and what we are protecting and with an in-depth knowledge of the updated codes and standards we can provide installation of the right solution for you.

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Fire Alarm Installation Philadelphia

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Checklist Guide or General Questions to prepare for our
Free Site Surveys:

  • Have a blueprint or drawing of the location?
  • Protection of what assets? Server Rooms? Just installation of standard systems?
  • What type of monitoring? Telephone or Internet Monitoring?
  • Smoke Detection and/or Carbon Monoxide?
  • Heat Detectors? For Plant or Factories, this is very popular.
  • Number of pull stations for Fire Alarms?
  • Do you have a preference of equipment?
  • Horn and strobe complex signaling devices?

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In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, we have the training, experience, and products that provide a secure commercial or residential solution.

What is the safety value of choosing a robust system that protects you? We can plan to prepare you and your company and we are constantly improving our own safety knowledge.

Even with a growing threat of active shooter scenes or everyday sprinkler placements as per your local township codes and regulations, we can advise and provide you with the solution for your needs.

In the USA an average of one person per day dies due to electrical malfunction or failure – who is installing your Fire Alarm system for you? With the growing concern of licensed and trained skilled workers, we ensure that our teams have the cutting-edge training that they need.

Fire Alarm Installation

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What is your standard for choosing the right fire alarm installation company or contractor for your new building?

Are you updating your systems to meet codes and standards or due to expansion? Not only are we the leading installation company for Structured Network Data Cabling in Philadelphia but we also offer the skills and the right budget for every type of project.

Important Facts to Know

When installing alarm systems, it is important to know that there can be either four or two shielded cables. In addition, some systems are a LAN type that would end up connecting to the control plane using a fiber optic cable.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting the correct cable is the gauge size. “Why,” you ask? You must weigh in how many items will be utilized. For example, if you have strobe lights, speaker and a horn(s), it will draw a higher current which will require the cable to be at a thicker gauge.

You also need to take into consideration the type of device that will initiate the entire alarm system. There are different detectors that you will have available to you for your fire alarm installation, some are listed below.

      • Ionization Smoke Detectors: This is the option most chosen and probably the one that you’ve seen the most due to the fact that it can sense flames quicker. This alarm is activated when smoke enters that device and decreases the conductivity.
      • Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detectors: While this device is used a little less, it works in a similar way as the Ionization Smoke Detector. However, with this device, when the smoke enters, because light beams are used, they will then scatter; initiating the alarm.
      • Heat Detectors: As its name indicated, this device is activated upon the rising heat temperature.
      • Duct Smoke Detector: This device may be required depending on the size of the building itself. It is also important to note that this is in addition to other devices and not in place of because it is more of a mechanical device versus being life saving.
      • Pull Stations (Manually Operated): Just like it sounds, someone would utilize the pull station to initiate the alarm.

Why Choose Bridge Cable?

Due to the fact that our Network Cabling technicians are all local, we are very knowledgeable in all of the local codes, policies and procedures; no matter what work needs to be done on your project.

One of the things that our team takes pride in is always advancing our brain! Whether the team attends physical seminars, attends online webinars, hands-on training experiences or dives deep in an expo, we always make sure that we are freshly up to date with all of the latest things.

That’s why our team of expert is highly qualified for providing wide range of services such as fire alarm installation in Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York areas.

Why not ask us about our Video Camera Surveillance and Access Control Systems packages as well.

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