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The Bridge Cable team provides the best video surveillance solutions in Philadelphia. Ask us to review your site for a custom tailored complete video surveillance package for you. We can assist you whether you buy your own camera systems or need expert help.

We offer suggestions for creating the perfect secure workplace or office along with a complete review of your video surveillance options.

  • What assets are you protecting?
  • Do you need to monitor factory floors?
  • Are there exits and entrances that your employees use or
    high volume retail areas?
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Video End Equipment

  • Re-using older cameras? IP, Analog or HD-over Coax?
  • What type of DVR, NVR or VMS equipment/software would you like to us?
    Do you want access to the recording offsite or who can access it? Typically
    management only and most cases the Human Resources department skips
    over the managers in larger companies.

In Depth Thinking

  • Do you need to monitor a specific area to know if something is happening?
  • What do you need to see at that area? Any person tampering with equipment or even
    protecting a assembly line?
  • Depending on the camera system and resolution of the cameras how long do you need
    to keep your recordings?

As we are experts in factories and warehouse video surveillance installations, we typically use loading docks to protect from outside visitors or vendors.

The above questions can steer you towards what video surveillance solution would work for your location and needs. Bridge Cable, DBA Bridge Global Services, and their expert video surveillance Philadelphia team typically will run wiring for even pre-purchased cameras. We generally suggest higher end units for commercial CCTV solutions like FLIR, Hik Vision, etc.

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Cameras Locations

  • What is your asset that you are trying to protect? Pick high value areas or locations. Typically
    the more cameras you add then more storage on your above video equipment is needed.
    For example if you have 2 cameras recording for 30 days then say perhaps 1 TB of storage
    is fine. If you add 10 more cameras then you will need to buy additional storage space or can
    only record for up to 5 days until you are out of space. When out of space the system can
    default to overwrite the past few days. This is a question we review and how long you need
    to keep the recordings.
  • What are the actual Locations, outside or internal cameras? Do you need certain mountings?
    Fixed Dome? Bullet? What angles are needed to be seen?
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  • How is the CCTV or the security solution going to be accessed? Typically most systems are on a different subnet of the existing network. Who is programming the system? VPN access for remote access?
  • Do you have the POE, Power Over Ethernet, switches in place or need them?
    Are you porting over analog older cameras? Is it coming from various
  • Do you know how far away is the camera end location from the IDF or MDF?

We understand that some clients just think that video surveillance is plug-in and play. Yet some configuration is needed upon installation and we do offer tutoring onsite if purchased though our network cabling services team.

Did you know that the Bridge Cable senior office staff can provide you with a marked blueprint that will include the line of sight for each camera? This will help visualize the exact type of coverage you want for specific areas. The best part, it is free of charge!

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Some More Video Surveillance Points To Consider

  • Camera Type: Certain look? Should the cameras to be used as a visual deterrent
    or just hidden?
  • Field of View: How large of a view or area do you need to capture or monitor?
    Do you need to see a license plate in a parking lot or the driver’s actual face?
  • Resolution of the Cameras: As above do you need to see actual faces? The
    higher the resolution or images means higher quality cameras and more
    storage space will be needed. The higher resolution cameras are more pixels
    so the CCTV devices will need more bandwidth and larger storage devices.
  • Lighting: Typically most clients are purchasing Day and Night cameras.
    However angles during the day or night may not be the best. Talk to us and
    gain our experience in various lighting situations.
Please call us, we can provide the expert help and right conservation to pick the best choice and a great budget. Call 24 hours 877-832-1206 and ask to speak to our Security Intrusion Expert.

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