Update on Fiber Optics and Network Cabling Installations in Philadelphia areas

Summer of 2015 was a busy time for installations in the Philadelphia and including New Jersey and New York cities as well. Here are a few cabling installations BridgeCable.com was involved in.

Motion Recruitment – Philadelphia

Motion Recruitment need a complete CAT 6 network installation for their new office on Broad Street in Philadelphia. The new office was being built out with trenches and walls during the time our networking techs were onsite.

Working with blue prints and the general manager we were able to beat all timelines, in fact finishing two weeks ahead of schedule. This is what Bridge Cable techs do, we pitch in and do long hours if needed to ensure your computer wiring projects get done in time….or BEFORE.


Last of the CAT 6 network jacks being put in place and tested for them.

Summit Energy – Philadelphia

The Canadian company Summit Energy moved Center City as well into their new offices right on top of the Philadelphia Business Journal, which is a great website to stop by as well. Summit Energy needed a complete re-wire of the offices for a network and used Comcast as their backbone for data and VoIP telephones. Completed in 1 day and even network diagrams were produced.

Working with other trades in the building did not hamper our techs efforts, although a bit tacky with the new carpet being laid on the same day! The network cabling installation tested 100% with our certified testers like Fluke testers. It is rare that other low voltage companies actually test their work like we do. Perhaps due to the heavy cost of the testers but we love providing our clients with that piece of mind.

network cable drop

Another center city Philadelphia network cable installation that was perfect!

Rinchem National – Bristol, PA

Rinchem National huge heavyweight company was expanding their offices in Bristol, PA and include many projects for Bridge Cable. First was the expansion of their computer wiring in a newer warehouse and office space that they were expanding too. Again like above we used CAT 6 wiring for their data and VoIP networks. We might add we wired their warehouse with Genesis CAT 6 for best signal and transmissions of information for their RF devices to be used.

The site was simple to install and a MDF was made with network rack and switches. The MDF then feed the warehouse connections as a IDF was connected in the middle of the warehouse. As people should know CAT 6 or even CAT 5e should not go past a certain length, we prefer to install UNDER 250 ft. Any network cable installations over 250 feet we suggest fiber optic cabling. Which we will get to in a moment. The IDF computer wiring was done mostly on lifts so our guys were busy driving in the air all the week. Patch panels were also placed onsite and testing went perfect.

The network cabling installation also covered WAPs wiring, for Wireless Access Points. We offer heat maps and wireless surveys as well as one of our services to our clients as well.

Lovely 016

Network cable installations for computer wiring take longer due to safety and distances.

Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

As we said before Fiber Optic cabling is suggested for long computer wiring runs. In this install we needed to run a DEMARC extension from one part of the warehouse to another. Working with the remote IT support and their network devices we choose a multi 6 strand fiber cable to use. Using ST fiber optic connectors which we feel is the most common in the Philadelphia city it connected both sides of the warehouses. Drilling through the firewalls and placing inner-ducts was a bit tricky over such a long distance that we typically used 2 man teams.


Innerduct is used to protect DEMARC extensions and many times for fiber optic cabling in cities.

So the fiber optic network cabling installation in this Philadelphia area was completed in time and before the deadline as well. Since warehouses tend to be dirty we opted for extra protection with using weatherized fiber relay boxes with seals. Therefore since fiber transmits with light the sealed boxes will keep the signals strong and at this site heavy printing and large graphic were going to be zipped across the network.

We also took the time to do some training with the newer cable techs and taught a handful of the best how to terminate fiber wiring. Fiber terminations can be tricky in the beginning so our owner and senior techs had fun teaching the new guys.

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Our new owner gladly showing others how to terminate fiber optic cabling for future Philadelphia projects.


Other exciting network cabling services install in New York and New Jersey were completed as well. We would like to Thank our clients for their continued support and TRUST in us to get the job done. More to come but this busy 2015 summer as left little time for writing and posting. Leave us some comments below and remember we are always hiring for Sales positions and all Telecom Techs.

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Thanks for stopping by! Bridge Cable