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One of the biggest things that make the Bridge Cable Network Philadelphia Cabling team stand out above the rest is our YouTube channel. Filled with exclusive tips, demos, tutorials, and testimonials, it gives the opportunity for future partners to really see the team in action. When asked, “why did you choose Bridge Cable?” clients have answered that our YouTube channel was their decision-maker.

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Out of all of the videos that we feature, our most popular video (with 62K+ views and growing) covers some of the Network Cabling Basic when reviewing the installation of a patch panel. With helpful tips and tricks throughout the video, this little gem is sure to help anyone! Check out some of them listed below:

network cabling top viewed
  • It is recommended to separate your voice and data onto their own patch panels. This will not only make it easier to locate upon future troubleshooting or moves but easier in regards to business growth!
  • Make sure that your main bundle is positioned in an optimal spot to help protect it from movement and/or damage. In addition, be sure to also protect your backbone with the appropriate cable management.
  • When you are all done with your setup, we recommend that you don’t place your extra screws in a bag near the rack. While it may seem like an ideal thought, anything can happen to them! Simplest way to keep all the extra screws safe for the future is to screw them into the spots that are not utilized on your rack. This way, they are only being moved if someone is actually unscrewing them.

Check out more valuable tips of the trade in our Knowledge Center or FAQ section!

Hear from People Just Like You

We had the fortunate pleasure to have worked with some amazing companies and individuals and we couldn’t ask for more. Some have even had the opportunity to provide us with reviews on Google and even real-life video testimonials!

One of our most precious video testimonials comes from John, the Technical Support Manager for Datapath North America. John’s particular location was relocating from a smaller office space to a much large one. This particular project required a complete renovation with nearly 75 new data ports which consisted of WAP’s, moves, and ports in wall partitions. Not knowing where to go for Datapath’s network cabling needs and not feeling comfortable with the few companies that John talked to, he came across Bridge Cable via a Google search. John was shocked (in a good way) that upon sending his initial email at 7 pm, he received a response from the owner Paul less than 12 hours later!

From there, John and Paul quickly set up an appointment and upon the site walkthrough, John felt very comfortable and at ease with his experience and that is when he knew that Bridge Cable was the team to choose. Throughout the entire project, John felt that the team made the process very easy, simple and had phenomenal communication throughout. John was happy to point out that the lead network cabling technician, Bill, went above and beyond and John couldn’t have imagined working with a nice guy. The entire project was completed in an extremely timely manner while still “checking all the boxes”.

YouTube Channel

John is very happy to recommend the Bridge Cable team due to the fact that working with us makes you feel at ease, we have extreme flexibility and displayed excellent customer service. Above all, Bridge Cable got the job down. Before wrapping up with his incredible video testimonial, John had some amazingly kind last words for the Bridge Cable team. “One last thing to say – great big thank you. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Want to learn more about the technician Bill that John spoke of? Check out his employee spotlight interview on our YouTube channel!

Check out the basic go to gear that should be in a network cabling technician's tool kit and tool belt!

Our Top Pick

One of our favorite classic videos can be found in our “Tips” playlist. The owner, Paul reviews some of the tools that can be found in a network cabling technician’s tool belt and tool kit.  Ranging from the common tools (punch downs, snips, wire ties, electrical tape, Sharpie, and level) to some of the less common or overlooked tools (phone charger, patch cables, biscuit boxes, Velcro, drill bit extender, and magic eraser). No matter what your go-to tools are, be sure to carry extras because you never know! Lastly, be sure to always have cleaning supplies on board such as a vacuum and trash bags!

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