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What Outdoor Installation Options Are There?

During a Network Cabling project, sometimes it isn’t as easy as running wire and you are done. An installer has to be open to alternative installation options. The Bridge Cable team is very experienced with these factors.


Utilizing this option, you do not need to dig up any surfaces and may be the fastest of the options. However, you will need to take into account that a bucket truck will need to be utilized in order to get this done. As it sounds, the cables would be an aerial run from building to building. Some factors that need to be considered is choosing outdoor rated cable to protect it from all weather elements and you have to ensure that the height is ideal for not being snagged on any passing traffic.


Abiding by all 811 procedures and policies, you will need an excavation team for these options. When digging up the surface that is needed, it is not required for the hole to be wider than needed. You may not need an official excavation team depending on the ground itself and the length of the whole.

    • Direct Burial (No Conduit)
    • Underground (With Conduit)
What is 811?

Before you do anything pick up the phone and start dialing 8-1-1. By calling this number, you will be opening up an official service ticket. Now there is a lot of information that goes into the service ticket and a lot of information that you need to know before calling it a day and continuing on with your project.

Right off the bat, you need to know that if this is the first service ticket you are opening in that calendar year, you will be sent a bill for $125.00. This is a onetime charge for that particular calendar year. This is amazing if you are calling in January! However, if you are making the call in December, I’m sorry to say that you will only get a few days’ worth.

In addition, you need to call three business days before anyone breaks ground. This time is needed to get the proper clearance to ensure that there are no lines going in your desired path. However, please note that some older private lines (sewage for example) may not always appear in anyone’s records so still be very mindful of your dig area after the excavation beings.

You will be given a date when someone will arrive on location to mark up any lines that may be running in the desired area. On the back end, you will be notified from other utility companies of their results. As long as you get a green light across the board, you will be cleared to dig!

It is very important to plan when you will be calling vs. when the excavation will be occurring. After you open a service ticket, it will close 10 days after the provided dig date. If this occurs you are required to call again to reopen the service ticket so that you are abiding by the law. You are more than welcome to call more than 10 days out so that way all of the needed information is logged and then all that would be needed is for the service ticket to be reopened. This could be beneficial because it can give you more time to gather information that maybe you didn’t have available to you while on the phone. This will also provide you with an opportunity to advise 811 if the markings need to be replaced.


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