Wireless Install Information for Your Office or Home Network

WAPS, or Wireless Access Points, are great for connecting your company along with your visitors to your network. One great tip is for guests on your network have a 2nd wireless hub for their traffic. There will always be certain secure files you do not want to give access too. As well most employees have mobile devices like smartphones what do you do about security?

Tips For Wireless Installations

So below is a few how to tips for wireless installation in your home or office and we also welcome you to review our Wireless Install page on our main site.

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Complete WAP or Wireless Access Point

Pictured where is the back of a Wireless Access Point with the antenna plugged in.

Certain WAPS will be 5 or 2.4 Ghz and double check what ports to use or planning to use.

Attaching is easy as most WAPs come with the mounting kits.



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Use omnidirectional antennas for your WAPs.



Antennas are not a big deal and most attach to the drop ceilings in your office. We suggest attaching to the grid above your drop ceiling to hide them and this typically does not cause a inference issue.

Just avoid power lines or duct work to have any loss of signal.


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We install wireless networks in offices and even most cases warehouses.


Warehouses seem to be the biggest demand at this time as wireless scanners or devices are in use.

Make sure your project plans out use for a ladder or a lift. Typically warehouses ceilings can be rather high and lifts are used more times than not.

Any of your network cabling devices can then have access throughout your office or entire building with the placement of WAPs. Ensure the brand you are installing has the proper range as well.


So you have your networking device in a ceiling or attached to a wall some place.

Where Is Your Power Supply?

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Do not forget your power for the WAP!

Many job sites that we have walked into do not factor in power to the wireless access points. Make sure to order or have power injectors that run power via the

network cabling.

Most companies should make you aware of this but we have seen so rather long extension cords in some rather weird places!


Above all be safe when working on a lift or a ladder. Avoid electrical lines and make sure overhead is clear.

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Completed Wireless Access Point

Keep in mind our Project Managers can assist or plan out your entire network roll out.

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