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Why Does My Internet Keep Dropping?

Internet Connection Issues?

Spotty internet connections can be a real hassle when you need a reliable connection and a strong wifi signal. It can be difficult at times to pinpoint why your connection continues to drop, as it can be attributed to many things. Typically, internet disruptions can be attributed to one of a few things including router connection, wireless settings, hardware problems, and issues with your internet provider. We know how frustrating the internet dropping repeatedly can be, check out these tips to see if one of these can get you back up and running.


Check The Router

The router that is providing your wifi connection sometimes just needs to be reset in order to fix any connection problems. Resetting your router is as easy as unplugging it, turning it off, and turning it back on again. The lights on the front of your router should

turn on to indicate that everything has been reset. After resetting the router, check your device’s connection to see if this fixed the problem.

Sometimes the wireless settings on your device can be the problem with your internet dropping. Open the settings on any of your devices, and double-check that you’re connected to the correct wifi, using the correct password if there is one and that you have wifi turned on. This can sometimes be all that is needed to fix your wireless connection.

Check The Hardware

Checking your hardware can really include any type of hardware being used to facilitate your internet connection. Hardware surrounding your internet usually refers to your router and modem. If your service keeps dropping you might have a faulty router or modem that needs to be replaced. The ISP, or internet service provider, that you are using will typically replace this for you if necessary.

Contact Your Internet Provider

If all of the above doesn’t work, then you may need to contact your internet service provider. Sometimes they can be doing work in your area that can affect your internet connection, and the provider will be able to tell you of this over the phone. Additionally, if the issues aren’t being caused by them doing work in your area then they can send out a technician to double-check your hardware and your overall wifi connection for any problems.

If you still have questions about why your internet keeps dropping, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can provide further insight.