Welcome Theresa to her first day at Bridge Cable and her role

My First Day With Bridge Cable

I feel so delighted to receive my first task with Bridge Cable today. I will be working as their Social Media Manager and Office Administrator. My first assignment is to explore and learn more about Bridge Cable and how they work, as it is a new environment for me.

Office Manager Bridge Cable

Welcome our new Office Admin


I looked through the website www.bridgecable.com and there are a lot of things to learn about what they do. I understand a little about Networking Cabling when I worked as a technical support for a Networking brand before. As I dig into the website I refreshed my networking knowledge and got the chance to know more about Network Cabling.

More than knowing and understanding the cables, I realized that Network Cabling is not just pure manual labor.

Network Cabling Installation maybe a specialty but I found out that Bridge Cable also covers Remote IT Support, Troubleshooting and Consultation, and even doing a written analysis on current network and cable environment. Another thing I do not know of before checking out the website, but now I know is that Bridge Cable (which is based in Pennsylvania) also covers Philadelphia, Reading, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey. I am also stunned to know that Bridge Cable provides services not just in IT and Networking industry but they penetrate almost all industry, Residential and Commercial, from Hotels to Nursing Homes to Restaurants.

Talking about the website itself, I liked how it can be so helpful to someone who is new in the industry. It is very full of information, details were displayed in the simplest way it can. This is an advantage for clients who know nothing about Networking but would like to know of how the work will be done in their place. This will help them know that they called the right people. Their history were laid open in the site by clicking the Latest News tab. The website even have a Learning Center tab for everyone who would like to know about Network Cabling and it’s for free!

Lastly, but never the least of course, the best thing about Bridge Cable is their Pay It Forward campaign, where they pick up older computer and equipment to refurbish to be given to those families and smaller companies in need. A company that is happy for the opportunity to serve and help others.


Let us know if you would like to donate computers!

Bridge Cable Social Media Sites

Apart from the website, I also looked into their Social Media Sites. Their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BridgeCable/ which has a decent following of almost 4,700 people is very much updated. If you want to see the latest about what Bridge Cable is up to, you can just visit their Facebook Page. In their page their service is rated 4 stars, 3 5star reviews with sweet words about the company and their service.

Found them on Instagram too! www.instagram.com/bridgecable may need more good photos to feature. It only has 6 photos uploaded with only 36 followers. We can work on posting more photos of Bridge Cable heroes in action.

I also visited and subscribed to Bridge Cable’s YouTube channel and found a lot of helpful videos about Network Cabling. They have 482 subscribers, currently but GROWING,  who get to have free tutorials and tips from Bridge Cable people themselves. I watched a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x3q5Eh8XNM which was uploaded just recently. The video is about sharing tips in Residential Cabling. It covers topics on what to expect and basically what they can do. This is a good venue for a potential client before they let these heroes do their house. It is their best portfolio as it also features client reviews.

Bridge Cable is also on Twitter https://twitter.com/bridgecable. Also updated like Facebook. With 1200 followers, the Twitter account can be your go-to site when asking questions for Bridge Cable, as done by other companies as well. It can be the fastest customer service site.

As I explored Bridge Cable sites today, what I understand is that what I had today was just an overview of the nature of the job they’re doing. It will take time for me to familiarize every jargons and terms. But the overview today helped me know who are our clients and the best approach to our market.

It was a fun and a very informative first day for me with Bridge Cable.

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