Service Tips When Installing Network Cabling in a Office

We would like to review some basic service tips to help you when you install any wiring within your office or home. Most modern offices these days have drywall and drop ceilings but what about older buildings?

At times we encounter plaster walls that make it harder to mount into or run a cable down the wall. Appearance wise the best bet is to run the cable outside of the wall and cover it with a molding of sorts. Different types of molding can be easily ordered or if you need it straight away can be bought with a higher price ticket at like a local hardware store.

Running Cables

office on wall data voice installation cabling

Notice on the right the novice job.

A poor example of running cables is the line of cables on the far right of this picture. Another cabling company just decided to run the wiring down an existing molding with a odd color of wire. On top of that is the wire ties that attach the wiring and it’s a black color when white or almond colored ties should have been used.

On the far left is what we would prefer to see. The molding matches the color of the wall and hides the ugly mess of a new cable installation.

Network cabling services companies should know better than to allow for this type of mess and to make thing worse this install was in a front lobby area.

Patch Panels

Another fast tip is how to punch wires into a patch panel.

patch panel install abington cabling

Patch panel installing into network cabling.

The light bulb of “Duh” comes on with this simple tip. When installing and  punching down the wiring, simple secure the patch panel backwards for ease. Start from the end that will be fed towards the wire bundle and work in sections.

MANY novice or rookies overlook this simple time trick, sometimes the simple stuff gets overlooked!

Wiring Jacks

Lastly is the wiring jacks or punch down the jacks.

voice jacks wiring cat6 fairless hills

Tips for network cabling services.

When working on teams or in groups most of our installers have a understanding or a rhythm when they install. Time and time again we prefer to screw down the face plates during the testing period and not on installation. This is true when installing the telephone and network jacks together.

Senior level techs automatically mount and screw down the face plate upon installing as their years of experience makes for a speedy install.

We also recommend that newcomers or “rookies” always test the wiring for bandwidth and connection after punching down at the patch panel.

Remember, when we say “rookies” or novices….you have to start somewhere, we all did! 

We would love to hear some ideas and tricks that you use on your installations. Send us a email or leave a comment below this blog post.

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