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Bridge cabling is a professional network cabling service for installation and repair of structured cabling systems. We operate in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey. More information about the wide variety of services that we offer is available on our website

As a professional company, we understand the need for an efficient and professional network cable installation service, at affordable prices. We also understand that every client requires different types of cable installations, which depend on the type of network and scope of the business. As a result, we treat each project separately and with priority. Our free on-site survey enables our project managers to study your site, interact with your staff and offer advice about the best network cabling you might need.

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While our rates are generally low, we also offer weekend and weeknight reduced rates. Our staff will never start a project unless they are sure that all possible safety measures have been taken into account, and only high quality equipment will be used. This is to prevent you from having to spend more money replacing faulty cables of a lower quality.

Did you know that correct foresight is the key to your network cabling requirement? When installing network cables, we will consider factors that influence the possible growth of your company, so you don’t end up having a less than required bandwidth. Similarly, we can install a second network for guests, so they won’t chew up bandwidth your staff requires and your network will be kept safe.

Pay It Forward & Recycling In Philadelphia

At we also provide recycling services for old computers and electronics. All old computers are refurbished and are available for low income families. This ensures that even low income households can have a better life with safety. We are committed to making the world a better place.

 By visiting our website, you can get your own free bridgecable T-shirt that will have you looking like a professional. If you ever need network cabling servicing at home, a factory or an office, call us now and our staff will come down to offer assistance.

We will also provide labels for all your access points and racks before we finish the project. Proper labeling will be helpful in future if you need to carry out maintenance or upgrade your network cables. Maps, diagrams and charts will also be provided, so your technical staff will know where everything is and what to stay away from.

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