The Intern Reviews Their 1st day with Bridge Cable With The Philadelphia Team

So quick background to this post, we had a new intern travel with two of our Philadelphia teams this month. After two days we asked them to tell us what they saw. They experience wiring a restaurant and entire floor in Philadelphia on another job.

New Interns Thoughts…..hope you enjoy!

Bridge cable is an experienced, reliable, and all around wonderful network cabling company to work with and for. As an intern I had the pleasure of going out to two of the job sites to gain some hands on experience. What I would like to do is just give you some insight on what I got to experience.

First and foremost I just want to share with you something that happened which in my opinion shows what an amazing company Bridge Cable is. The job site we went to had picked another network cabling company before Bridge Cable that was suppose to come out and complete the job. They ended up never showing up and bailing out at the very last moment.

When that occurred Bridge Cable was immediately contacted and asked if there was any possibility we could cone out immediately to complete the job. Mind you this company is on several deadlines and needs several different things done so that they can open their restaurant on time as promised to future customers.

Once we received the call we immediately checked our schedule, deadlines and status’ of current jobs, and several other important factors. We had to do this to determine if we could do this job while still maintaining our current priorities on time and correctly. Wonderfully, everything worked out and we were able to fit this job into our schedule without disrupting any of our other priorities. The company we did the work for was extremely happy too because we were able to work with him so quickly so that his deadline was meant.

network panel

Installed a small network for POS systems within 24 hours.


I wanted to share this because I feel as though this truly shows the dedication, compassion, and commitment that Bridge Cable represents. You can always count on us at a moments notice! And you will always be confident that our work will be done quick,efficiently, and correct.

installation data voice professional cabling

Our Project Manager Paul Wallace had to get his hands dirty finally!

Hope you enjoyed this little brief day in the life of Bridge Cable. The big point with us is that you can count on us to make sure we meet your deadlines and get the job done RIGHT. We service Philadelphia areas and even into New Jersey and New York cities as well. Call for a free quote and expert help, 877-832-1206