Thankful For More New Clients and Building Great Solutions For Them is keeping busy this New Year!

We recently traveled to Center City Philadelphia to help a big company with their Internet problem. After signing in with front desk and removing our rain jackets, we go straight to the network closet.

The Closet was hot in temperature, which suggested that the ventilation was not on. We quickly located a fan and turned it on, to make sure the network rack and equipment was not overheating. The network rack was organized nice and neat. I had a feeling that because of this, we were going to have an easy job.

philadelphia cameras

The previous week we were fighting the freezing cold installing cameras in a South Philadelphia location.


Our first guess was that the new office was not set up yet. The head Bridge Cable tech went behind the desk of the new office to locate the port numbers. These ports were labeled 13 and 14.  We then went back into the network Closet to make sure they were properly connected to the panel. The wires were properly connected and active. “huh.” Our tech remarks, as he ponders on what to do next. He then goes into his kit, takes out the toner and tester out and proceeds to see if the port is active and passable. This passes.

He then pulls out another machine and starts to check the cables to see if they are good. He puts smaller part on the cable attached to the rack and then the other in the office. The wire does not pass. Ok, I think we’ve run into the actual problem. He quickly adds that he made a human error. He connected the tester to the wrong port. He quickly connected the tester to the right cable and the wire seems good.

He then asks me to remove the tester from panel. I realize that he has a lot of faith in me. If I make one wrong move, I could seriously mess up the panel. On that note, I am also short in height and the tester is plugged in above my head. The pressure is on. I reach above, secure my fingers around the proper cable/button and ever so carefully pull. I successfully pull out the tester and return it to him. That was a close one.

philadelphia factory

Teams from BridgeCable were everywhere this month. Another team was working in a factory in NorthEast Philly doing some data cabling as well.


reading pa network team

Our Reading, PA office had to fill in a job in the Leigh Valley Area as well.


The office, I noticed is only using one port. Usually if the office has two desks, it would be wise to use two. Especially if the company is using a VoIP system, where the telephone lines rely on the Internet to function.

Two ports are useful so that both desks are not competing for Internet. After pondering for a few minutes on the issue with the system, He has an idea. “This may be a configuration error” he says. He puts the cable in another port to see if it will work. The phone then comes to life. One Job done, now to the cube/desk.

network cubes

New cubes that needed new data cabling in King of Prussia was another project this month.

The cubicle was the same type of trial and error, as the office. Our port number is 54. We go over to the network closet and see if the port is connected properly and active. It is. He then brings out the tester to see if the cable is working properly. He attaches the smaller piece to the rack and the larger to the cubicle. The cable works. He then places the 54 cable in the different port. The telephone begins to turn on. It turns out the cubicle was also suffering from a configuration error.

custom network cabling

Sidenote: If you forget to order the network jack faceplates we will custom fit for you.

After cleaning up, our tech calls Corporate to tell them the news. Bridge Cable will not only clear the connection on cable connectivity, but we will also solve the IT problem for you. We fixed the problem and saved the company cash by not bringing in an IT guy.

More information on all our services can be found here

testing data cabling

Closing the books on the last job of the month in Upper Dublin PA, which is near Fort Washington was a complete network install and of course testing all the connections.

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