Telephone and Voice Cabling and Installation Guide

Here’s a short little video on telephone cabling and various tips…

We Also Dug Up The 30 Top Questions Most Installers Have

  1. What is the difference between cat5e and cat6 cable?
  2. What are those codes printed on my cables?
  3. What are cable conductors?
  4. When and why should I have fibre optic cable installed?
  5. What should I receive at the end of an installation?
  6. What is the difference between megabits and megahertz?
  7. What is plenum and PVC cable, and why is plenum cable so much more expensive?
  8. Is the order of the colors really that critical in a patch cable? As long as both ends of a straight through cable match wont the cable work well regardless of the cable order?
  9. What are the color codes for network cables and crossover cables?
  10. Can I network two computers with just a cable?
  11. What would be the easiest way to run network cabling from one room to another in my home?
  12. How can I make cabling for peer to peer connection?
  13. What type of network cabling do I need?
  14. If you added HDMI cabling to an office, would it be configured like network cabling?
  15. What are some of the best vendors of Cat7 network cabling?
  16. What are some network cabling tips and tricks?
  17. How do I make a layout of the network cabling?
  18. How can I know that my network cable is doing best performance?
  19. How do you implement a gigabit Ethernet based network, the cabling network equipment etc.?
  20. What is better for home network cabling, UTP or STP?
  21. Is distance important in network cabling?
  22. What is the importance of network cabling?
  23. How do I connect Vista to XP via a network cable with only a Broadband modem?
  24. How to connect to internet with a network cable?
  25. I keep getting the popup “A network cable is unplugged” but nothing is unplugged, what does this mean?
  26. What does it mean when “A network cable is unplugged for local area connection”?
  27. How do you install the clear jacks at the end of a cat5 network cable?
  28. Is it necessary to plug unused pairs in network cables?
  29. How do I connect two computers to share files with using only a network cable attached to both?
  30. Can I use network cable in place of a telephone cable?

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