Structured Cabling System Installation in Philadelphia and New York Cities

Structured cabling system is a system of network cabling hardware that allows for commercial telecommunication networks mostly in buildings and campuses. This system begins at the point where the service provider ends. This point is known as the “point of demarcation.”

It is impossible for any two cabling systems to be alike. This is due to differences in building architecture, nature of the equipment used, customer specifications and requirements, as well as manufacturer warranties. However, maintenance methods for these installations are relatively standard.

Standardization is necessary in order to ensure that installers conform to a set of rules and also to enable regulations. It also makes it easy to study a previous installation and propose changes for expansion or complete retrofitting.

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Structured cabling system in Philadelphia and New York

Common Elements Of A Structured Cabling System

Any structured cabling system will have a number of common elements such as:

  • Demarcation point: Is that point at which the network of the telephone company ends and is also the point where on-premises cabling at the customer’s site begin.
  • Equipment rooms: Is the room is where the equipment that serves the users inside the campus is kept.
  • Vertical cabling: Equipment rooms are usually on different floors and vertical cabling connects different equipment rooms.
  • Work area components:  This connects end user systems to horizontal wiring systems.
  • Horizontal wiring: Wire and ceiling spaces are used to connect telecommunication/equipment rooms to the workstations of the users.

Structured cabling can provide support for a wide range of data including; voice, text, video and data streaming. It allows rapid access to networks without suffering data glitches due to unpredictable weather patterns. It should be noted that it is also common to use the same system to integrate various other systems such as fire alarms, security cameras and air-condition controls.

The major advantage of this system is therefore its flexibility since it can support multiple data, voice or text multimedia regardless of manufacturer or source. Hence, it proves very useful on a campus where research is constantly going on.

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Protect your network cabling as you are snaking it down the walls.

Unfortunately, the operational day-to-day costs of structural cabling can be quite high, since it depends on the daily usage. Installation is fairly cheap and if done properly can allow for subsequent expansions without having to do a complete retrofit. Typical operation costs over an assumed forty year life cycle will exceed the initial cost of a complete new installation.

Despite all this, structured cabling is still being favored by universities because of the flexibility and unrivaled connection speed it offers.

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