Review or Plan for Your Next WiFi Network Installation

So time to plan out the WiFi installation for your building? No worries, we review on this blog and video below some of the major topics or issues you should be getting for.

Our video from our Project Manager is just a informal checklist of what you should be plan or do.

Some Items to Consider:

1 – Home Runs, or direct cables, from the server room to the various floors or WAPs. WAPs, are Wireless Access Points, generally should be placed in open areas and typically in a drop ceiling. However some companies prefer seeing the WAPs on the walls, perhaps for management but the coverage is really not that better. WAPs vary in their range and/or coverage.

Typically you can sync all the broadcast signals as well if you are installing multiple ones. For example if placing 2 or more, you can call them the same broadcast name or SSID name. Example: OURCOMPANYWAP, insteads of a flock of different names.

2 – Line of Sight is generally the best placement for WAPs if you are not doing a RF Analysis, which typically takes some time and a bit of your budget. Smaller or medium sized businesses typically can skip this cost.

We forgot….here is the actual video, it is just around 6 minutes and worth the investment of time!

Of course we are available to help you plan your next project or installation as well for free with our experienced Project Managers.


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Some other topics covered in the video is security and P.O.E. devices.

P.O.E. devices are Power Over Ethernet.

So you are placing the WAPs in the ceilings or high areas, what about power? Many times we get to review the project plans and someone forget to check that. Typically with costs so low the POE WAPs, Hubs, Switches, etc are such at a low cost these days this is not really a budget concern. Typically if we have to suggest devices we like the ease of use of the TrendNet products.

So now the wireless devices are in place but the bandwidth just went downhill. What happened? This day and age everyone has a smart phone and downloading some cat videos or sitting on Facebook all day. We suggest securing the network and if possible select only a small amount of your bandwidth for guests or unsecured network traffic.

Enterprise companies generally will use our services for a RF Analysis, Radio Frequency tests. On larger scale projects this is best for optimal placement throughout a larger building or across a campus. The RF testing will suggest the best spots to place the WAPs or in general terms, put a blanket of coverage on-site.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to plan. We welcome any feedback or comments on the blog below or even on YouTube. Keep us in mind if you need anymore help or more questions.