Review of More Great Network Cabling Installation Videos from Bridge Cable

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We gave you an overview of our first two videos in our previous blog post.

As part of re-introducing our videos, we will continue to talk about the few more of the videos that we made for you. Bridge Cable, as always, aims to provide interesting and informative contents.

Apart from those, we also wanted to share our clients’ experiences and one of the three videos below and on Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel is a review from one of our valued clients.



Philadelphia Customer Review of Bridge Group Services for Their Network Cabling Work Onsite

This is a 30-second video of David sharing his review about Bridge Cables Network Cabling service.

David from IBM in Philadelphia shares how Bridge Cable provided service to the company. Bridge Cable worked on IBM’s Cat6 Network. It was a complete and full installation.

IBM or (International Business Machines Corporation) is an American Technology Company and has operation in over 170 countries. They manufacture and market computer hardware, middleware and software. They also provides hosting and consulting services. IBM has many headquarters and offices. One of which is in Philadelphia.

Check out what David has to say of how fast the service had been delivered, the quality of the output, and the whole team who worked for them. You’ll find out one of the reasons why Bridge Cable has been trusted by so many valued and prominent clients.

Official WiFi Network installation Planning | Philadelphia

Here’s another informative video by Bridge Cable. This is a 6-minute video of Paul talking about making installations easier and faster through better planning. Paul has been with Bridge Cable ever since it started and you will see him most of the time doing the actual work or doing these videos. Here’s a thorough breakdown of what the Video is all about.

Holiday-Inn called Bridge Cable for WIFI Installation and they basically wanted the whole building to be internet ready through WIFI. That is for them to provide better service to their clients. To make the system more organized and secured, Bridge Cable made thorough planning. Instead of connecting all WAPs or Wireless Access Points directly to the server room on the first floor where the MDF or Main Distribution is, they decided to put switches on each of the floor making it as a home run of the WAPs every floor. These switches are those which are directly connected to the MDF.

To explain another example, Paul showed how planning goes in a place where they cannot run a Radio Frequency Analysis. It was explained in the video that if a building is made of concrete or a dry wall, signal will mostly be degraded. Bridge Cable saturated with Line of Sight propagation in a building with such structure that blocks signal from one end to another.

But there’s more to learn on the video. Better check it out and see what else to know about WIFI Network Installation Planning.


Network Cabling Pricing for Installation and Costs | Official prices for Bridge Cable

The 3rd video I want to feature in this blog post is a 3-minute video showing the typical Network Cabling Installation costs. We believe that this is highly essential to know. This will basically save you thousands of dollars. It has always been the best to know the right price in whatever services or products you’re getting.

First thing you need to know is the minimum or average cost of an installation, and that is $125 to $150 most of the time. This covers a 150ft of actual wiring into a light duty office using drywall, removing previous wiring from the patch panel and installing a network jack. But there should be a lot of things to put into consideration. The video gives you a list of add-ons to consider into your budget. It includes the length, the brands, and all that stuff but most of all, the Cabling Reports. Before jumping or getting into a contract with Network Cabling Installation services, get to know the pricing.

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Plan out your IT setup with cable management. This helps down the road with troubleshooting new gear.

These are just few of the type of videos Bride Cable’s YouTube Channel has to offer. Basically, it focuses on giving its subscribers more information about the nature of the job they’re doing and the services they offer. In the next blog post, there will be more videos to re-introduce. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment!

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