Problems That We Face with Networking Installation Daily and The “Snags”

Upon a company calling us we send out a Project Manager to review the project and walk the site, whether a large company with 500+ network cabling drops or a simple 1 story house. The challenge we take every day is being Superman and have X-Ray vision to see those possible snags.

What happens when the contractors or building was not built with codes or a modified wall?

More installations that we do encounter something only a experience tech can handle. For example most drywall office buildings have just a end cap or stud every so feet….what happens when something is not standard. We could handle any installation and never walked away from a install. The issue our expert Project Managers is to factor in the time to install with possible problems. Can you imagine fishing down a set of cables only to find a stud running across the wall behind sight? Ouch! Can you stay time delay? For the record Bridge Cable has too date never run behind a project or installation date! Hope we just did not “jinks” the record!

So without going into every scenario with issues or snags we will review what happens the most.

Warehouse Runs

Service requests that the company failed to mention we are cabling a warehouse with high ceilings. No problem! If conduit is needed than it is put in place and this really depends on the heat or lack of it in the warehouse.

warehouse network cabling philadelphia project

Cabling a warehouse can be tricky or simple as running across the beams.

Most warehouse networking cabling is for placement of WAPs for handheld scanners that are rolling out for shipping and receiving. Bridge Cable will indeed mount all your wireless access points as well as test and or configure them. Most of our senior technicians have years of background within various fields of the computer industry, in other words just not the “Cable Guy”.

Obstacles Within the Walls?

Best tool besides experience is a drill extension bit. Hands down with this longer shaft and a uni bit or metal drill bit we can zip through most walls FAST. Home Depot sells a lower end model that everyone should carry in their toolkit.

flexible drill bit network cabling tool kit

Click on the picture to be taken to their website – Worth the investment!

Room to Breathe?

Most smaller outfits or companies stuff their network devices in closets or small areas. The ease of moving the network cabling is also a factor our Project Managers must review as well. Imagine working on your stomach and punching down a few dozen cables……we all have done it. The new techs like to hear stories from the older guys when working together. Working in a closet is actually normal for us!

closet network cabling

Network Cabling in an actual closet…it happens!

Being that we work on commercial and residential projects, we like stated have backgrounds in various realms of the computer industry. At times we have to move switches and hubs and have the right experience and background has always been a plus for our customers.

We invite you to review your next networking installation project with us today.

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