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Preparation is Key for a Network Cabling Project!

No matter what you do, whether as a hobby or profession, it is always essential to BE PREPARED! There are different organizational practices and procedures but here are a few ideas to get you on the right track!

As a Network Cabling Technician, a lot of information will be thrown at you when you step foot onto a new project. This can range from an existing site, new construction or a remodel; however, most of these steps will remain the same just altered to your specific job.

Data Installation Technicians Mark and Nick meeting to create a plan before they get started,

As a Project Manager, if I assess a site before my team walks through the doors, I ensure that I provide them with any pictures. If you have someone on your team that has been to the location before, this is very handy so you know what your surroundings are like. As an example, it is very important to note what type of ceiling you are working with as this may change the steps one would take to execute the job.

Here at Bridge Cable we have a central hub for all of our site pictures that are easily accessible for our team via any smart device! It is also very easy to navigate and a quick reference for repeat clients! Call us 877-832-1206

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If you don’t have any pictures – no worries – refer to your blueprint! Reviewing the scope of work goes hand-in-hand with reviewing the blueprints and is really helpful. Having the time to deep dive may not always be the case but if you have the opportunity to, do so! This gives you the chance to really note any specific instructions from a client. This can range from certain heights that they want a faceplate to how they want something labeled. In addition, make sure that the prints you have are the most recently updated and approved versions. Nothing worse than having your hands on some outdated information!

Another very helpful piece of information is to know the schedule of everything, especially if working with new construction. Some questions may be:

  • When is the move-in date?
  • When will demo and/or framing be completed (if applicable)?
  • What date is the cube installation (if applicable)?

*You know the project your working on so ask any other questions to ensure you are 100% knowledgeable!

So now you know what’s on the agenda and where everything needs to go. Do you have everything you would need? Check your tool kit and check again! Better to be overly prepared than to think to yourself, “This should last.” Some of the smaller everyday items always get overlooked. So even check your inventory of tape, wire ties and even make sure you have a backup black Sharpie!

The Bridge Cable Network Installation Technicians always practice safety!

Next question, do you have your safety gear?

When a new technician starts with us, we always supply them with safety glasses and/or side shields if they currently wear glasses, a hard hat and either a high visibility vest or high visibility logo’ed t-shirt. We also ensure that our team is equipped with steel-toe boots before heading out into the field!

Guess what! It sounds like you are now ready to hit the road! Make sure you know the address for where you are going and examine the GPS instructions. Also see if your team or the client has any specific notes about the location such as:

  • Will GPS take me directly there or do you have a recommended alternate route?
    • This is a good question for locations that have a similar address in the area. You don’t want to arrive at the wrong place!
  • Any specific place to park?
  • Is there a certain door to enter into?
  • Which elevator do I go on and which floor do I get off on?
  • Who do I ask for upon arrival?

Last but not least, make sure you have contact information for anyone that you may need to partner up with throughout the day. This can range from a General Contractor to a receptionist to an IT guy!

Now you are ready to work! Be safe, have fun and enjoy what you do because we here at Bridge Cable do!

Don’t forget to give us a call at 877-832-1206!