Point of Sale or POS Network Cabling Installation for Restaurant To Do List

From time to time many restaurants  or food or entertainment type places need to upgrade their POS Systems in house. The Point of Sale units of course require network or telephone cabling installation in order to communicate to either the internet or the other stations.

One local company in the Philadelphia area doing POS sales is Micros or Micros Fidelio in St. Davids area of PA.

Bridge Cable can do any installs with the cabling of the new POS upgrades or existing systems. Micros in popular in this section of the state but most POS companies require the restaurants or anyone in the hospitality industry to have the cabling done BEFORE they install the equipment.

One key that is mostly all POS providers have a standard that is the certification of the actual wiring installed. When your network cabling installation company runs and installs the wiring throughout the restaurant, bar or whatever they must test the wiring and provide the results.

network cable testing structured jenkintown

POS Network Cabling Installation Done.


Bridge Cable of course can verify the wiring and test, more stress testing of the CAT5e, CAT5 or even CAT6 wiring. Typically most installs currently are just using the CAT5e cabling, cost between 5 or 6 is a few dollars, but CAT6 issomewhat overkill.


Different chains might be required from Corporate to follow certain installation blueprints like network racks or hubs or switches. Stand alone restaurants can choose their installation or equipment, like for example a wall mounted network rack or even a locked server rack, the list goes on.



One thing is certain, again most POS or Point of Sale systems will require and demand and PDF of the actual wiring installed. This ensures once the POS company sends out a technician the install of the actual equipment goes without a hitch.

point of sale pos cabling retail langhorne

Point of Sale network cabling installation into a rack.


One common OOPS moment with POS Micros team is the backup connection from your internet connection.

Time and time again we have been on Site Surveys and even looked up on Micros blueprints the lack of a telephone line. Talk with your Point of Sale sales or support team in the beginning stages and double check what happens when or if your internet connection goes down.Here at Bridge Cable we are no strangers to this type of wiring or requirements to get you from zero to “hero” within days. Typically we excel over all companies suggested by Micros and can work together with their sales team.

Call us for any questions and we of course can handle a standalone restaurant or entire chain for the best cost and pricing on your cabling. The POS pricing or cost can be high enough but your network or data cabling installation should be the reason not to install.

Send us any questions via our contact form or call us on (877) 832-1206 as we are here to help you.

Please also see our Network Cable Installation page for even more info.

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Voice or network cable installation in the Philadelphia and Tri-State areas.