Phone System Installation With Thoughts Planning and Execution From Start of Project

For any medium or small sized business, communication is important, not only to create awareness regarding its presence but also because effective communication can help eliminate basic inefficiencies which arise due to misunderstanding messages.

The telephone system is currently the most commonly used platform by most firms to establish links with suppliers and customers. A new phone system installation process, therefore, requires cautious planning and accurate realization of business needs. Planning beforehand for a phone system installation helps users identify the equipment and specifications that will be required. Other network cable installation aspects will be covered in later blogs. Moreover, there will be need to know requirements for minor maintenance or updates in the case of existing systems.

Phone Installation Considerations

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The three major concerns that a user should point out to the phone company are as follows:

Lines: The number of lines to be installed should be indicated. Two viable options maybe to install several lines with the same numbers, or to install multiples lines with multiple numbers. A single number provides uniformity; whereas, multiple numbers serve as a backup if one phone number is busy. The number of lines should be decided by taking into consideration the existing need, in addition to a possible increase in need. Using ten lines when a company requires only two would be a burden on finances.  On the flip side, having ten lines because your needs is ten only is also a bad move, because you will have to undergo the entire installation process again when need increases from ten to eleven lines. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the need to plan the installation according to the present and immediate future.

Description of phones: The basic choice to be made is between wall mounted phones or desk phones. The nature of job is a determinant of the kind of phone that needs to be installed. Cordless phones are rarely used in offices however; presence of field workers on staff may initiate their use. The types of phones installed can range from speaker phones, phones with fax facility to basic ones. This will again be determined by whether the staff is mobile or not. The available colors to be used are black, gray and white and in very rare cases burgundy.

Features:  Points while assessing the features may include whether music will play while callers are on hold, voicemail capability, and printer available through the phone system or, if the phone system will be analog or digital.

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