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We review a book that emphasizes the types of cable wiring that will benefit us in our daily lives. David Barnette with David Groth and Jim McBee are now on their third edition of Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring. These three authors of the book encourage and promote the significance of cable wiring today and why it is very beneficial to us. They have different works in this edition and they collaborated skills and knowledge to make this edition happen. Many distributors, manufacturers, and cabling contractors provided them with feedback, tips, and in-field experience which enabled them to get the structure of proper data cabling and as the authors said, “ The answers we received helped us write this book”.

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Network Data Cabling

Network Data Cabling is one of the most advanced technologies today. It is very useful and essential to our daily work especially for those who are in business or working in a private and public sector. Well actually, it is very useful to everyone. It is very important to know and identify which are the best technologies to use and to make sure that they are beneficial to us.

In this generation today, a lot of new discoveries and technologies has arise to make things easier and hassle free of use. We are already advanced in terms of new stuff that can give us better work than before. Years has passed, we have been using the manual type of technology yet time consuming where we somehow still use in some ways. But in this period of time, innovation turned with the new technologies today. We are all guided and in used with our new technology and we are very thankful to that as we can make those major and difficult things more easy and manageable.

In every new technology, everything is mechanically and electrically controlled. With these, we can gradually learn in every function and use it in our advantage. All of these innovation and advance technology are referring to data cabling. A data cable that allows baseband transmission from a transmitter to a receiver. One of the examples is the Ethernet cable; a popular type of network cable used for high-speed connection between two devices within a local area network, like PC’s, routers, and switches. With this cable, we can easily transmit information and processing inbound and outbound transactions.


There are many kinds and types of cable, all will vary on its use and functions. Categorically cable wiring has its “Common Abbreviations” which will be identified for their functions. In cable wiring, we need to identify the manufacturing and category of the cable wire for us to know the quality of the wire that we are using. Always plan wisely in everything especially in installing your network cabling wiring because this will help you manage and have less worries on your finances.

Network Data Cabling Infrastructure

We should know the importance of reliable cabling because this is where we define the quality of cabling infrastructure and it is foundation of everything. Without it, you cannot hope to transport voice or data packets anywhere. You can also think of structured cabling as the circulatory system in the body of your Ethernet hardware or even in your telephone hardware. That is one of the reasons why cabling infrastructure is important. It is really the neural network that connects the main system to the body.

Poor cabling is one of the factors that we need to consider. A bad case of “cable spaghetti” is one of the intermittent problems in cabling. Cable management must work out so it will support and contain cables during installation and to make subsequent maintenance or changes to the cable system easier. A structured cabling system is not designed around any specific application but rather is designed to be generic. This permits many applications to take advantage of the cabling system.

On the other hand, PC LAN (Local Area Network) is a group computer and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link to a server. Typically encompasses computers and peripherals connected to a server within a distinct commercial establishment. Computers and other mobile devices use a LAN connection to share resources such as a printer or network storage. LAN cable can be any specific type of data cable in computer networking. It technically refers to any cable that can only be run a short distance including most kinds COAX and stuff terminated with BNC or Ethernet cables.


Nowadays, the demand of the modern applications has increase due to different speed in networks. Many competition happen because of the ever-growing data processing and other modern application needs. That is one of the challenges of every company to promote and dispose their products to consider the needs of the consumers or people’s satisfaction.

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