New Home Installation of Network Cabling in Philadelphia Customer Review

Thomas and family have just moved into our fair city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, and shared his thoughts with us on how we did on his project. provides support for companies or even your house. Call us today at 877-832-1206 to avoid the hassle or mistakes of running faulty wiring through out your home of work.

Philadelphia Residential Customer Review

Here what’s Thomas had to say,

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Network cabling for your home or office with Bridge Group Services.

“So my girlfriend and I just opened our own store with an apartment behind it. Obviously the first thing on my mind before unpacking is getting my computer and internet hooked up. I’m an online gamer so those are my priorities. :)

So we need to get a phone line and a router setup, and it was somewhat of a big project so I knew we were going to be in need of some network cabling services for the new place.

We had no wireless WAP setup, and no phone line! We needed a lot of network cabling in the basement, as well as upstairs, and in the store. After the technicians came out, they made sure everything was taken care of. Everything was so much easier. We could connect to any other devices throughout the house. We could even view the security cameras in the store right on our computer from inside the house!

I’m always busy online, so I don’t like to rely on wireless access for my computer. Sometimes the router needs to be reset and i lose the signal.  I prefer to be connected directly, so having the network cabling in the basement really keeps me connected and puts my mind at ease as far as wireless connections go.

Overall I’m very glad to have the network cable installation and now everything is set up, connected, fast, and working perfectly!”