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New Episodes from Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel!

We’re here to give you another rundown of our YouTube Channel’s recent episodes! This set is just as awesome as the last set we introduced or even better. If you’re looking for something entertaining as well as informative to watch especially when you’re in the Network Cabling industry, then this is the best channel for you to subscribe. Let’s check out the recent videos Bridge Cable came up for you.

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New Construction Guide to Network Cabling

This is a Guide to Network Cabling in a new construction.  Another video of Bridge Cable in a job site and this is a guide to a low voltage installation in a new construction site. This is another data cabling installation guide video that is very important for start-ups. The best thing to remember is not just to do the installation but keep them in place, neat and organized. You can always get some help at Home Depot to make your messy wires in place.


Next up is a very interesting video and if you want to see what’s inside a network cabling installer kit then this is a must watch! We’ve shown you how we do things as Professional Cabling Installers, now we’d like to show you what we carry to make things done quickly and efficiently! In this video, we are featuring what we carry when we are going to do an installation.

What’s in a Professional Network Cabling Kits?

Most of the guys from Bridge Cable carry a Klein work belt. The work belt must have electrical tapes, snips (I generally carry two pairs just in case I lose one.), it also has a very functional multi tool, it has a drill holder, and a blade. This is $45 Klein work belt and can do any cabling jobs with this!

But aside from showing you what’s inside the belt, in this video, Paul will also be showing you the kit in wheels which is the main part.


Placing Network Data Cabling Under a Window

Here’s one special video installation from Bridge Cable. This is a cable installation underneath a window. Basically, we’d like to show you when is the best time to have an installation when you’d like ports to be done under your window. This is either an office or a residential space.

As you can see, we have a lot to consider when it comes to this kind of installation. Since Bridge Cable services do custom installation, we don’t say no unless it is impossible to be done. We know there might be some things you consider too about aesthetics and Feng shui of your office or residential space and we can accommodate that. But when it comes to underneath the window installation, it is best for it to be done in a new construction. When everything is not yet in place.

This video is a great example of a residential space installation too. As we always are careful not to ruin the aesthetics of your interior. We always make sure that everything is in place, all nice and clean… an output without dirt and dust. This is one of the best things you’re getting out of Bridge Cable Services. A guaranteed high quality output whether its rush or not.

And lastly, but of course never the least…

Custom 9U Network Cabling and Data Rack

This is a custom 9u Network Cabling and Data Rack installation in a small insurance office. We’re dropping 12 wires and replacing some of their analog stuff, basically just refreshing their whole system. We can definitely say, it’s been a while since they had an upgrade. We dropped new phones wiring and replace their old units. One proof that they haven’t had any upgrade in a while is the vintage phone unit they have that we’d love to have (side note).

There were quite few challenges in this installation and it’s going to be interesting to watch. You can go ahead and click the link above to check it out.

We’ve been posting videos of our work to give you a glimpse of how we get things done. You can consider this a portfolio but you can also say this is your simple guide to Network Cabling Installation, in another perspective. One of our goals apart from being the best Network Cabling Service Company, is to help the small guys, those who are new to the industry. So if you’re one of them, don’t forget to subscribe HERE for more informative Network Cabling Videos!