Network Cabling Installation and Telephone Guide

Before you start your cabling installation for any network devices or telephone equipment you first need to plan your project as we all know that prior planning prevents poor performance 🙂 One of the free services that we provide is a Project Manager to plan out the scope of work needed and you can book a free Site Survey today!

We also work with remote offices or branches that do not have local support on-site. One of the benefits that our clients appreciate our services for, is the clear transparent information that we always provide along with the fast turn around time for project notes.

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Avoid eyesores and make sure you have the jacks installed in dry wall or proper mounts.

Common Mistakes With Network Cabling Installation

One of the common mistakes that new installers make is to start their network runs from the end points. For best results you should always start from your network data center or wiring closet. Metal fishes and special chains can help the installer to feed the wires down from the ceiling or upwards if coming from another location.

At times installers can use various leads or even low cost string to help run the wires. One thing that is important is to always glide the wire across the installations, as pulling too hard might break the cable itself, and then you are back to square one.

Planning your network cabling wiring or amount needed for the job is a key factor as well.

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Make sure to test the cable before closing all access panels as this will save time.

Before you close your access panels or even drop ceiling grids make sure to test your connections.

Cleaning up the installation point is important, but to save time later always test before you do it. As even the professional network techs have run into problems from time to time that they have to re-run a wire.

As above never pull to hard on the wires and make sure you have ample wire at both points.


Testing is important and can be carried out using various testers. Most prefer just basic connections tests, but printouts of the network wires can also be provided.

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Make sure your connections are out of the way or discreet.


Even in small office installations you want to make sure your connection points are out of the way from general traffic or interruption. Typical small offices installations are usually in a closet with wall mounted devices.

Just make sure your connections are not exposed or easily able to be touch or jarred.


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