Network Cabling in Horsham and Telephone Services As Well

Working in the trenches recently in Horsham, which provided a great reminder about certain things to make sure of when carrying out a network cabling installation.

Always start with a project plan or notes. Ensure that everyone who is working in the building knows that the network is being worked on and there might be some down times. One client that we have to pass on wanted to replaced their entire CAT5e network with CAT6 but could not understand why there might be network down times, on a weekend of all times.

Anyway, one of the precious time management resources that Bridge Cable provides is a personal Project Manager. We have various project managers who are assigned to different sections of the East Coast.

Network Cabling Documentation & Tips

cresent bank network cabling 4 installation

Network cabling project notes for a installation

If your company does not have a building drawing we can provide one for you at no additional cost. As well at the end of each project we will also provide a network diagram with all the new installations of either data or voice drops that we have installed.

Companies and their IT staff change from time to time so making sure that this documentation is kept in a safe place is important as well.

With any network cable installation you also want to ensure that you use the best network jacks or cabling.

Recently a handful of installers have been cutting corners and using low grade or low end cabling or jacks. Always avoid the low end items that are typically found on eBay.

For most installers they prefer to work AFTER the drywall and office has been completed in new offices. At times the contractors working on the other items in the area might break or dislodge a cable or connection.

cresent bank network cabling installation

Philadelphia network cabling services for data and voice.

It is always a great idea when pulling data or voice cabling you include slack. From the ceiling you can install hangers, so that the extra wiring is not laying it’s weight on the drop ceiling or anything above the ceiling.

Wire ties are an installers best friend as well, people chuckle but until you have installed, you have no idea!

We showcase a few great tips and how to guides in our Learning Section as well. Within this blog we help by offering you some great advice on all aspects of network cabling as well.

Send us your comments and tell us what you would like to see or write about as well.

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