Network Cabling Backbone Installation for New WIFI System for Holiday Inn

Bridge Cable was honored to be awarded the opportunity to help a local Holiday Inn complete their new WI-FI system. Working with AT&T and Holiday Inn, Bridge Cable was given the task to install the actual backbone and network cabling for the new upgrade.

Several open issues were also tackled while on-site, most of our techs have a slight form of OCD and we leave the sites cleaner or better than before. Long standing Holiday Inn client had several cabling vendors in the past on-site but were lacking some basic standards.

bad wire tie

A trash bag used in place of a wire tie? Interesting!

Clean up and securing network cabling already in place on-site was done throughout the entire project. Better to leave the site up to code is our thoughts and we can not turn a blind eye to mistakes.

hub network wire ties

Network hubs secured by wire ties?

Goals And Solutions

One goal other than replacing the older CAT5e cabling to CAT6 was securing multiple telephone closets or relays. Older installation had many hubs left attached to the patch panel with wire ties. Within the years several hotel carts had damaged wiring or threaten to bring down wings of the hotel. Actual wiring was also secured by random things, like trash bags or even old power cords.

The solution was to mount newer patch panels to avoid possible damage from hotel carts and internal moving of items. Holiday Inn choose Trip Lite’s lockable rack enclosures with enough room for switches, patch panels and future devices. Mounted in various telephone closets and linen closets throughout the hotel, these were excellent choices. Once the network devices were configured the IT staff could keep them locked, safe and secure!

network rack cabinet

Lockable network racks from Trip Lite installed.

Our crew is professional, but with a sense of humor. One senior tech rave that the hotel provided the best network rack cart! Everyone at Bridge Cable seems to complain about a bad back when it comes time to bring in equipment from the trucks….what is that all about?

equipment cart

Luggage cart or Network Cart?

As well in the server room Holiday Inn had several racks over the years installed and some were about to require. AT&T installed the wireless backbone on a newly installed Relay Rack from us. This simple install was to clearly put all wireless equipment and devices directly on one rack and easy for future troubleshooting if needed.

new network rack plymouth meeting cabling

New network rack installed solely for wireless devices.

Additional upgrades was using CAT6 Plenum cable to add additional protection in the future and possible usage of IP6 down the road. Most equipment, even in your own company, is just using CAT5 or CAT5e bandwidth but with the small cost difference it makes sense to prepare for the future. Labor is not any different, just different or “better” cabling and jacks.

day one network install plymouth meeting

Start of our drop zones with CAT6 Plenum.

Various little perks or just the use of our experience was left on-site that week. Service loops for future network runs or location changes were done. Most sites that we service in Philadelphia or New Jersey require service loops in the project plans but even when not asked we try to include that. Makes for future upgrades a piece of cake.

service network loops warminster cabling

Network cable service loops

We were thrilled again to be chosen to help the local Holiday Inn with their network upgrade and even in New York we have done a few like this. Remember to review for free your project plan with our staff….after 15+ years we have a few tips and tricks. Even review our page for some more helpful tips.

Thanks for reading and would love to hear some comments. Bridge Cable.