Network Cable Installation Company in Philadelphia Shares Some Pro Tips

Okay so just plug in some cables and if the lights work then the cabling is okay right? Not quite.

Some of the biggest challenges is just getting the network cabling in place, whether a wall or a tight spot. How about feeding the wiring through a row of cubes or from the basement to the 6th floor of a high rise? First day doing a installation is like attending a surprise birthday party….no matter how many blue prints you have and review the site. Until you cut and feed your wiring into the walls you will not quite know what lies in your path.

So how does Bridge Cable do it? Years of experience as the #1 Philadelphia network cable installation company that meets and BEATS all our project times. Okay, enough with the shameless plug…..really how do we do it? Our field techs are some of the most experienced and clever guys in the East Coast. After awhile of doing cabling for years you pick up on a few trips.

Below we listed some of our favorites to share with you the reader and new techs just coming in the field. At times the “old heads” remark that we are sharing common tricks. Our questions is this….how many new techs are coming into this network cabling field this year? It’s our hope to share when others fail too.

Let’s get cracking!

#1 Cable Chain

Great for measuring or marking off your cuts into walls for network jacks.

hole wall

Great for extra weight and rough pulls in the wall.

We enjoy using this once we push a rod down a wall, if insulation is inside, and then attaching the chain to the outside of the wall. Perfect line down the outside of the wall so you can cut a hole down below straight from the top. The chain is also great for rough pulls inside the wall and provides extra weight as well.

cable chain

Chains can help to measure a straight line down the wall.

Tech Tip: Always cut your top hole first. Some techs prefer to run the rods or pull string from the bottom. This is a tricky call as if you hit some studs in the middle of the wall or at the top then you are stuck fixing a hole in the wall.

#2 – Pick Network Cabling that your techs suggest!

feed boxes

Different network cabling brands have their own “feel”.

Plenum or Riser, Cat 5e or 6, Red Jacket on the cabling….One big factor. Can your guys work with it. Depending on the brands of cabling some techs will hate it. Techs are the biggest factor in ordering cabling. What if your network cable installer finds out the cabling kinks often? When the team is pulling cabling and it kinks and a forceful pull snaps the wiring inside? Kinks around a bend or corner? A knot could cause the cable worthless if damaged.

Speed is a factor on jobs as well, if the techs are constantly adjusting the cabling… does that help? As well certain brands have heavier jackets and dressing the cabling could slow down the project. Coloring is huge as well. Colors of the actual 4 pairs of wiring varies from brands. Yes, they all have Blue, Orange, Brown and Green but some are very tough to see. Some cable techs are older but your whole team might need reading glasses trying to figure out the pin outs on the jacks or panels. Ask the techs you work with their thoughts. Of course you must use the correct wiring for the customers project but brands….Brands differ.

That is it for now and we also suggest seeing our You Tube channels for a few tutorials as well.

Thanks for taking the time to pick up a few tricks with us and if you are in Philadelphia area please stop by our office. As well New Jersey and New York customers can call us directly at 877-832-1206 for any questions. We are proud to be the leading network cable installation company in Philly and thankful for the last decade of serving the Tri-State areas.

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