Network and Telephone Installation in a Office Complex in Philadelphia

Another latest installation for network and telephones lines closed out without too many glitches or bumps. Now many Project Managers would say, “Plan right and no issues at all”. All the planning in the world does not matter until you starting installation and getting “dirty”. Until you are in the ceilings or walls of the installation you can not factor in the hidden hurdles! When reviewing a install can you factor in the faulty wiring that may be needed to re-run? Can you tell you that the walls are capped or a beam is in the middle of a wall? Of course not…..but being prepared and skilled always wins!

You can never truly know a project until you pop your head into a ceiling or wall. Trust us, and below is some factors to consider. Also review our network cable installation page for more tips or review the various blog posts here.


hallway runs structured cabling installation philadelphia

Prep for a hallway run and try to avoid “jumping” offices.

Factor in the curves of the hallway and the overhead wiring. Many low grade installations might take out other networks while they are pulling wire so be respectful of others.

Cleanup and replace ties when done, yes, seems simple but run a vacuum. No one seems to do that.

Label the wires and use pull string for the quick run and helps around corners to reduce the stress on the cables. Stress test the cabling to ensure no connections problems. Remember to see our Learning Center for more tutorials.



Office Jacks for network and telephone cabling.

Office network jack installation morrisville

Having plenty of face plates for cabling.

Make sure to carry or prepare various face plates and even blank inserts for the job(s) you might be working on.

Caddies or dry mounts come in various styles and every installer will have their own feelings on their use. Low voltage mounts must be secured in the wall for future years of the users tugging away.

Cubicles often come with their own mounting hardware and even trench work might require a custom solution for a faceplate. Research and find out the answers BEFORE you install.


Cable management – No matter how small HELPS.

network cable management bensalem

Avoid the “rats nest” look with wire ties or any cable management.

Just some use of Velcro or wire ties makes all the difference. Plan for additional drops in the future as your company or network grows.

Also a side note most installers loop extra wiring near the end zones or data points where the hubs or patch panels are to be located. Helps with extra expansions and growth.

We have a whole section on cable management and really depends on the scope of work but even the smallest install should be tidy and neat.

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