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Residential TV Mounting

What to Know for Mounting your TV on the Wall

One of the most popular services that the Bridge Cable Network Cabling team offers is TV Mounting. For expert service and installation, contact professionals or call 877-832-1206. If you want to give it a go yourself, here’s an overview of what you need to do to mount your TV.

Our TV Mounting team always ensures that your TV will be level!
Our TV Mounting team always ensures that your TV will be level!

Simple Steps to TV Mounting

Step One: In order to mount your TV on your wall, one of the most important steps is choosing the TV Mount itself. Think ahead to the future and what you want out of your mounted TV.

  • Fixed Mount – Suggested by its name, this mount will be stationary (no movement) and is ideally flush with the wall.
  • Swivel Mount – This particular mount will only allow you to “swivel” the TV vertically; left to right.
  • Tilting Mount – This particular mount will only allow you to “tilt” the TV horizontally; up and down.
  • Full Motion Mount – Giving the most options, this mount allows you to virtually set your TV to any customized station whether you are adjusting it by swiveling, tilting or moving physically forward and back.

TIP: Be careful if you are to select a universal mount as it may not be fully compatible with your TV. See the details about the custom TV Mounting project below.

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Step Two: Now that you’ve selected your desired TV Mount, it is time to start the installation! When selecting the location, make sure you take into consideration furniture, cabling needs along any height requirements so that the TV is not in the way of any foot traffic. When you have your heart set on the final location, be sure to adjust accordingly after locating the studs in your wall. Mark the desired location and place your mount on the wall in a mock run to make sure that it would be level. Also make any remaining markings for you to drill later.

Step Three: Using the markings you made in the previous step, begin drilling your TV mount in place. It is recommended to not fully tighten your screws until you have double checked your level to ensure the straightest position. Now that the mount is on the wall, be sure to install the mounting plate to the back of your TV. At this point, you are ready to mount the TV to the wall. Be sure to use safety measures, even if it is just adding one person to help!

Tricks to mount Your TV your own way

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One of our unique tutorial videos on YouTube takes place in a residential TV Mount install. Our customer wanted their 32 inch flat screen TV mounted on a wall in the furnished basement. The interesting factor in this installation was the fact that the wall was made up of half dry wall and half wood paneling. More popular in residential locations, thinking outside of the box to come up with clean innovative custom installations is a necessary task.

For this particular installation we were utilizing a universal mount. Unfortunately universal doesn’t actually guarantee that it will be 100% compatible with your TV. For this particular mount and TV combination, the mount itself covered one of the HDMI ports. Due to this, our technician was required to cut the mount to allow full access to the port (without damaging its integrity).

Thinking ahead, after the TV is fully mounted to the wall, all cables will be ran down the wall and out through a section that we will create right next to the electrical outlet. This will include any HDMI cables, coax and an aux cable.

TIP: Be sure to have an HDMI extended on hand as you may need to utilize it later.

After tracing our square to utilize a Power Bridge cable management product, our technician used a paddle bit to create four starter holes; one at each corner of the traced out square. This allowed him to go right through the wood paneling without an issue. To finish out the traced square, a dry wall saw was used to finish cutting it out.

TIP: Before starting, don’t be afraid to use a drill bit in the center of your traced out square to help predict if you will receive any resistance when fully cutting out the traced square.

Be sure to check out the full video on this custom installation by visiting our YouTube channel:

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