More Network Cabling Training – Round 2 – Great Bookmarks

We just gave you the best sites to learn Network Cabling for free in our previous post. At Bridge Cable, we don’t just offer you great network cabling services; we also encourage you to learn what we do and how we do it. In this blog post, we are going to share the best paid Network Cabling Learning Sites! Each of these will be giving you different approach and you can choose which one is perfect with your learning style.

Commscope Cabling Courses

Commscope specifically offers Infrastructure Training. They address topics from infrastructure design, installation and maintenance, to the challenges of cabling for intelligent buildings, CommScope Cabling Training Courses allow students to learn online, and at their own pace.

Providing a detailed cabling resource library, the CommScope cabling courses are simple to access and continues to support students well after course completion.

Small Rack

Training in network cabling is like anything else….one step at a time.

Udemy Network Cabling Courses

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online in mastering new skills. Udemy’s Network Cabling courses has 4.8 Rating from students and the first review says the course is good for beginners. Curriculum of each courses are laid out so you will know what you will be learning about before going for it. Network Administration Tutorials is another online learning platform that helps anyone learns just about anything you wanted to learn including Network Administration. On the link provided, it will show you all video previous of the courses you will be taking. offers free month trial so you can go ahead and try how the platform works for you.

CNet Certifications

CNet Training offers courses and program for CNCI. It is a certification for Network Cabling Installers. CNet claims to be the global leader in Technical Education. Their programs provides overviews that will help you decide before enrolling to their courses.

These are just few but the best Online Training Platforms you can find. Why pay for Online Training? You get benefits that free online training does not offer like Certified Instructors, Downloadable resources and after training walkthroughs. These lists provided are certainly worth your money. If you’re looking for free online courses though, we’ve provided another list for you here (link). But wait there’s more…

More Network Cabling Training

Here is another takeaway from Bridge Cable… We gathered some YouTube links that features Network Cabling Tutorials:

Tutorials by Eli The Computer Guy

Eli The Computer Guy has been creating tech videos for 8 years. He got good reviews on his channel and now posting contents on his website


Here is Paul back in 2016 in our own warehouse setting up a training room for our techs!

Professor Messer Youtube Channel

In this video, you’ll learn about the characteristics of fiber communication, twisted pair copper cabling, cable categories, cabling in the plenum, and coaxial cables. You can check out more in his channel!

What Ethernet Cable to Use? Cat5? Cat6? Cat7? by Thio Joe

If you’re looking for the specifics, you can check out Thio Joe’s video tutorials. In this video he goes over the different types of ethernet cables and what each one does. If you like how he delivers his tutorials you should subscribe.

Of course, learn the Basics of Network Cabling through Bridge Cable!

Bridge Cable is not just your Network Cabling Hero. They have been making videos on YouTube for tutorials and learning. Apart from the Learning Center on the website, Bridge Cable has created a YouTube channel to show how things are done in their field. It also has reviews and tips. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel for more!

These are just some of awesome channels you can check out online if you want to learn the basics to the advance level of Network Cabling They may almost have similar contents but these people have different styles and approach. Just like the advice we’e shared you can choose which channels would best fit to your learning curve.

Are these links helpful? Let us know! And tell what you want you want us to post next time on the comments below!