Service Tickets That Help Remote Locations in Network Cabling

Frequent telephone calls that take place nationwide almost every day are for work tickets otherwise known as service tickets. Main offices or branches will often have remote offices that are located in another town or state. How do they get the work done if they want to install a telephone system or add more network connections? The best way is to find a Service Ticket Provider who can provide the network cabling services that you need in your remote location.

Service Tickets For Remote Locations

Service tickets are formed and suitable sub-contractors are hunted out. Bridge Group Services does indeed do certain types of these service or work tickets for network cabling services , telephone work and other technology problems.

Through our website different companies will often call us to help with their network cabling repairs or new installations. Our Project Managers can then assist them with the installation from the smallest detail to even a complete data center installation.

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Telephone installation is one piece of services or work we perform at Bridge Group Services.

Most service tickets have the same format like the following:

Paperwork – Work Ticket paperwork will include the shipping slip of the equipment being shipping on-site or directly to the installer.

Installation – In Router or telephone installations the Circuit ID will be marked.


Work On Site – Arrival times and introductions will be pre-arranged, most work tickets require you to identify yourself as a subcontractor when you arrive on site.

Troubleshooting – Most troubleshooting issues will require the technician to have their own tools and cables. Most jobs will require a laptop, CAT5 or CAT6 cable, network jacks and more times often than not a CISCO console cable.

Collaboration – On-site Technicians will often work together with the main offices’ help desk or computer admins.

Payment – Payment for the subcontractors is typically NET 30. Most times requiring a W9 Form or company TAX ID papers.

Service Rates – Hourly service rates will depend on the type and scope of service that is provided. Running network cabling is a different ‘ball game’ than higher level troubleshooting of lost network packets or installing a CISCO router.

Miscellaneous- Various other items crop up with a work ticket, for example the “Site Documentation Package”. Again the Equipment Order List, which contains the parts of the equipment to install. It is the duty of the On-Site tech to report any missing parts or issues that might arise when they go to complete the job.

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New York or New Jersey cities, it does not matter, goes where we are needed. regularly carries out such work for businesses who have main or remote offices, and is regarded as one of the best Local Service Ticket Providers in the Philadelphia Tri-State areas. You can also visit our website to read more about the benefits of using a Service Ticket Provider.

So, please do not hesitate to call us to learn more about how we can help with your network installations requirements, no matter how big or small.

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