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Bridge Cable not only provides Network Cabling services but also offers free online tools and articles for clients to know more about the nature of the job as well as just for those who truly loved to learn new skills. Apart from Bridge Cable’s Blog and the Learning Center Tab on the website, it has various Social Media outlets that shares mostly updates and Network Cabling Tips. One of which is Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel.

The First Tutorial Video From Bridge Cable Philadelphia

5 years ago, Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel uploaded their first ever tutorial video and that is Telephone and Voice Cabling Network Installation Guide. As we are re-introducing our YouTube Channel, here’s what the first video tutorial is all about.

You can check the video in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6seOVZA5p_8

This is a two-minute video and the first few seconds is showing a regular telephone wire. It’s not for network connection but the wire shown is for those that have office lines or an existing home lines.

The video is showing the pinout of a regular telephone wire. It shows a solid, stipe, solid, stripe arrangement of the wires. It is a Category 3 cable with just 4 wires in them… it is also called “two pair”. This regular telephone wire is an RJ11. The presenter showed trimming the wires to make it neater, used a crimp to connect the head, and just followed the arrangement of the line as it is showing that he started with the blue wire. It was a very short one and was made to create an extension.


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There are terms we need to understand first before we proceed to watching the video. Let’s start with Pinout.


This is a term used in electronics to outline how a cable is wired, or the purpose of each wire, also called pin, in a connector.

The functions of contacts in electrical connectors, whether powered or signaling, should be determined so that these connectors can be interchangeable. When these are connected, each contact of connector must partner with the contact on the other connector. Basically, pinouts are important reference when building connectors, cables, and adapters. Pinouts are presented with a diagram.

RJ for RJ11

RJ stands for Registered Jack. A Registered Jack is a standardized telecommunication network interface for connecting voice and data equipment to a service provided by a local exchange carrier or long distance carrier. One of the most commonly used interface is RJ11 which is almost similar to RJ14. RJ11 established a bridged connection for one telephone line as well as RJ14 for two telephone lines.

Category 3  

A Category 3 cable also called CAT 3, station wire, or VG (Voice Grade), is an unshielded twisted pair or UTP cable used in telephone wiring. CAT 3 is also used in computer networking for 10BASE-T Ethernet that gives out 10mbps speed.


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We learned a little bit about telephone wiring today with Bridge Cable’s first uploaded video. We have more videos to offer.

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Bridge Global Services is an expert of Copper Cabling Systems, Fiber Cabling System, Racks and Cable Management, Raceway Systems, Network Management, Network Identification Systems and Grounding Solutions. This had been the focus and theme of Bridge Cable’s YouTube Channel.

They had been providing Network Cabling Services and expertise. Apart from sharing tutorials, review, and installation videos, Bridge Cable is also giving out tips, checklists, guides, and installation updates in their blog. A Learning Center section is also available for everyone that shares all you need to know about Network and Data Cabling and Installation. All of these are offered for free. Now all you need to do is Like, Share and Subscribe.