Installing Network Cabling Into a Existing Data Center Takes A Plan

When you install newer cabling into a existing company or network of course certain care must be taken. At times network outage might even happen to even the most skilled of installers. Certain projects like upgrading CAT5e to CAT6 might require a new backbone network all together. Many projects that work with just install a brand new rack and patch panels and simply when done laying down the new wiring we just take the patch cables and switch them around.

Network Cabling Installation Basics

network cabling cut out

Draw or mark a cut out before you grab the saw.

Before you start the basics come into play. Cutting into drywall is simple enough but please measure first. Once you cut into the drywall just mount anchors and secure them.

Another trick for network cable installation is to use a chain to tie or tape your wire onto it. The weight of the chain feeds the wire down the wall. Special chains are sold but really any weighted down item would work. At times you might get snagged with the chains so rods might be favored instead. Trust us, we have lost chains before.

Anyone that says they haven’t is lying :)



network cabling cut out installation

Make sure to give yourself enough room or slack of cables when installing the network jacks.

After cutting the hole(s) just screw or snap into place the mounts. Faceplates come in various cut outs or number of jacks. Make sure to carry a few blank inserts when installing.

Some folks like to wait and test out the jacks before they screw in everything.

Experience will take you just to finish the ports as you cut them.



network cabling acme installation voice data

No, the power supply attached to the main bundle is not our idea.


When bringing in the main bundle of wiring most data centers are in a office with dry ceilings. Although we suggest fire stop materials when required or from different floors in a high rise.

Wire ties seem to be the standard after testing has been done. There is nothing more annoying then pulling cables only to find that something broke in the installation.

Color wire ties are a great extra fickle touch for the die hard network admins!


network cabling acme voice data

Invest in a cabling management tray to reduce headaches.


Cable management can get down to the single wire but as time goes on and devices come and go you will still have random wires from time to time.

Best investment is at least a management tray to reduce the pull on the wires feeding into the patch panel.





network cabling acme installation media

Backside view of your network patch panel

Lastly after testing and punching down your new network cable and making sure all the other network cabling services are done tidy up with Velcro straps.

If able to we suggest slack for any moves that might happen on the network racks. We generally suggest a bundle in the ceiling for future moves or the “next guy”. This all depends on how much space you really have.

We hope you enjoy our brief outline of working with existing data centers. We also feature some great video tutorials on our YouTube Channel


Success on your next cabling projects!