Importance of Labeling On Your Network Cable Installation For Your Project.

When working with network cables it is very important to make sure that everything is done correctly during installation and that includes labelling, as one mistake can throw everything off and cause major problems. Considering there is plenty of room for errors you want to make sure that you label each and every network cable correctly if you mix up one cable it can cause several problems that can lead to many issues. Network cabling controls telephone lines, computer hook up’s, etc. so one wrong wire that is placed in the wrong port, outlet, or panel can cause major issues.

Take Time To Correctly Label Network Cables During Installation

bad example of tidying wires in a network cabling router

Crazy install using wire ties for a router!

While installing all of the network cables it is best to make sure that you label them correctly so that you have a better chance of having the capability to fix an issue if one is to happen in the future.

If the cables are labeled sufficiently you can refer back to them so that you can troubleshoot any issue that may occur in the future. If the cables were installed and never labeled in most cases it would be impossible to fix them without having to take out every cable and re-wire all of them because it would be a guessing game at that point.

If this happens chances are you will have to take everything apart and start from the very beginning again to correct it.

Problems That Arise Without Network Cabling Labeling

When an individual chooses not to use any sort of labeling method there most likely is no pattern and without some sort of pattern there is no way to know where to begin or even look to try and find out where the issues are. If this is the case you would have to keep pulling and replacing cables until you finally get lucky, if you get lucky, and find the one cable that is in the wrong port.

Now you may find the issue but while doing that there’s a possibility other wires may have been crossed and now you are back to square one and have other Cables that may now be mixed up and in the wrong place. At this point you could have fixed the original problem and been done but instead you are probably creating more issues.

An example of network cabling installation by BridgeCable

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As you can see if you take the time to designate and label all of cables and the main panel you can easily refer back to anything that may be inserted wrong. After a while you may even have a cable that goes bad and needs repair or may need to be replaced and if you took the time to label everything all you have to do is go to that specific numbered cable and either replace, fix, or do whatever you need to so that you can get it working again.

Considering you originally took the time to label each cable it will only take you a short time to correct the issue as oppose to going into the situation blind and having to guess if you chose not to use the labeling method. As you can see you can minimize the hassle, time, and frustration just by taking the time to correctly classify each network cable during the installation process.