How Much Will My Network Cabling Installation Cost for CAT 5e or 6?

Every home owner or office manager knows that no two projects are alike. Building and floor plans will differ. Similarly, no two places require the same network cabling. Moreover, network cabling installation costs will be different for each project. This is because projects are generally unique in their dimensions and location.

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Plan your network cable installation the right way.

We Offer A Free Site Survey

Your home might need only a single cable drop to meet your requirements. An office, factory or warehouse might need up to a hundred, depending on the client’s specifications. All these factors are taken into consideration at before we begin any network installation.

Since money, time and effort might be wasted if installation was begun relying only on general assumptions, we offer a free on-site survey before starting any installation project. If you call and book an on-site survey, one of our project managers will come down to your site and interact with your staff to decide what your needs are. We also offer professional advice and answer any questions you might have before embarking on the project.

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The on-site survey will enable us look at your floor plans if you have any, and if you don’t, we will draw one up for you. Your network cabling has to take into account things like heating pipes and electrical lines, especially if the set up is to avoid any fluctuations in service due to heat or electrical interference.

Network Cabling Installation Costs

Our network cabling installation costs range from $75 to $100 per drop depending on the number of installations required. If a large number of drops will have to be installed, further discounts are available. Things like network hubs, patch panels and connection devices can be provided at additional costs should you require them.

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Pricing for network cable installation is easy to plan.

Each installation comes with at least a 12 month warranty period. You can be assured our installation materials are only sourced from reputable sources and conform to the highest standards of quality available.

The price of complex installations that require more specific equipment might vary.That’s why we suggest that you take advantage of our free on-site survey. That way, our staff can provide you a more accurate estimate of the cost and inform you of any discounts available.

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