How much does it cost to install a fire alarm system?

You probably already know that your business must have a fire alarm system installed if it is required
by law to have one. But what is the cost of a fire alarm system? And do you really need one? When
shopping for a fire alarm system, it pays to think about how often you will use it. While a system with
multiple sensors will be more expensive, they are more likely to be used. The cost will also be less if
the system has a central monitoring station as well.

A fire alarm system typically costs between two hundred fifty dollars and five hundred dollars,
depending on the number of sensors it has and the size of the building it is installed in. In addition to
detecting fire, heat, changes in temperature, smoke, and carbon monoxide, smart commercial fire
alarm systems nowadays are also linked to a central monitoring system, usually via a telephone line.
The central monitoring system will alert the fire department of any fire alarms that are activated,
which will, in turn, contact the proper local fire station.

So the question becomes, why is the cost of installing a fire alarm so high? The answer is
simple: fire protection is expensive. Every time there is a fire, the cost of fighting it exceeds the cost
of installing the system. Of course, the cost of fighting fires due to natural disasters is obviously
much higher than the cost of installing a modern system.


Fire alarm system installation

So the real cost of fire protection is not in installing the system, but in buying and maintaining it. This
includes the cost of fire alarms, fire protection liners, and fire protection equipment. Of course, these
items can be installed on your own, but they do require skill and expertise, which are not always
available when your property is being monitored by an outside party. And if you happen to live in a
multi-story house or a flat, the installation may even require the help of a professional engineer.
Besides all this, you have the cost of maintaining the fire alarm system. Depending on the model you
buy, the maintenance may be free or it might call for a small fee. The installation cost is very
minimal, but it depends on the location of your home because some locations might need a different
type of system, which means that you need to get an annual inspection. And if you live in a rented
apartment, there is no cost at all, because the landlord will cover the installation costs. If you live in a
house, you might have to factor in the cost of the monthly utility bill, because most fire protection
systems have to be hooked up to electricity.

And what about those who install the fire alarm themselves? Well, the costs are high
because the monitoring service has to charge a fee to the homeowner. Depending on the location of
your home, you have to find a local monitoring service and get an authorization code so that the
monitoring company can start sounding an alarm when the fire breaks out. Then the homeowner has
to make a telephone call to the fire department, which costs extra money, plus there is still the cost
of the control panel, sensors, and cables.

Even though the fire alarm cost isn’t much for a residential building, the cost is much higher
for a business building. This is because the fire alarms in residential buildings are less
sensitive, meaning that they don’t alert as many people. Also, the fire alarm systems aren’t installed
as part of the construction process of the building, so there is no warranty that the system will work
as it should. So if there is a problem with the system, it could cost a lot more to fix. And again, the
location of the business may also affect the cost.

If you are a business owner who wants a fire alarm system for his building, you need to be sure that
the cost will be worth the installation cost. There are commercial fire alarm monitoring cost
companies out there, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one. Just make sure you hire a
reputable and established one. You can easily check online for fire alarm companies that offer
competitive installation costs.

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