Data and Voice Cable Installation for Your Office

computer-wiring-philadelphiaIf you are considering installing data and voice cable in your office or place of business, you need to make sure that you have taken all the different factors into account and have a proper plan of action before starting.  Below we have laid out a check list that outlines some basic guidelines to help you get on the right track with a network cabling installation project.


Data and Voice Installation Checklist

1. Drops and Connections – Plan out the number or connections or drops that you are going to need. It is always better to have extra cabling drops for future use, if your budget allows for it. Properly plan if you intend using voice connections over Cat5, 6 or other cabling.

2. Site Inspection – Inspect the location of your intended installation site or office. Dry walls and drop ceilings are generally the most common with in offices today. Always assume for a longer installation period for older buildings and if you are intending on running network lines/drops between floors as well. Check with your leasing or management company to get the plans of each floor.

3. Permits – Management companies or townships might require you to get permits for the installation as well, so be sure to do some research into that before you start.

4. Supplies – Order all the supplies that you are going to need for your project. There are numerous online suppliers that you can choose from, however if you are looking for a reputable supplier in the Philadelphia area, we prefer to use ADI supply houses, to get premium quality equipment and wiring. Just ask whichever company that you choose and most will guide you with the necessary needed tools and supplies.

5. Timing Of Installation – Plan the actual installation to take place after hours if you can or if that is not feasible, account for possible network down times, depending on the scope of your project.

6. Perform Tests – Testing and termination, make sure that you test all lines, whether voice or data before sealing the installation points. Cabling testing is done with specialized machines from the likes of Fluke and others. Termination points can be various different points, for instance like a typical patch panel.

7. Labeling and Documentation – Labeling is best done before you start your installation and also make sure to document the location of all drops on the jack and termination points to make life easier if you need to locate them again in the future.


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The above checklist are some very simple guidelines and just a starting point to help you with your network cabling services project.

If you need help with larger scaled projects Bridge Group Services can also provided a consultant to plan every part of your project and keep it within your budget and timeline.

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