Data And Network Cabling Checklist For Your New Office In Philadelphia

Data and Network Cabling Checklist for new office in Philadelphia or really anywhere!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small or big company, working on your new network cabling needs a good system and prior planning. There should be an orderly process to create a smooth and successful transition. Here’s another treat from We’re giving you a data and network cabling checklist for a clean and polished move!

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Data And Network Cabling Checklist

  1. Site Survey

A Site Survey should be done first when thinking of working on your Network Cables. This is when you plan and make an analysis of the network environment. This includes:

  • Determining what is needed in the new office; voice data, video, and security.

*VOIP or Analog Telephone – Plan on VOIP Telephones and never forget to make the needed changes or request to bring the fax machine over.

*Wireless Internet or Wireless Access Points – Run out a new wiring into the ceiling for Wireless Internet solution.

*TVs for the VIPs, Lounges and Meeting Rooms – Making sure that a network jack, VGA port and an HDMI port is available in the conference room.

*DEMARC…Your Backbone Internet Connection – making it your first call to check on your service provider as it typically takes 45 days to make changes or install a new network cabling services into your new location.

  • Checking the existing network, evaluate the need of replacement or an additional equipment.
  • Drawing a plan with a detailed cabling design.
  • Making sure everything is provided including detailed space, power and cooling requirements for IT Spaces.
  • Working and negotiating with IT Vendors for best deals.
  1. Setting Up

  • Creating a floor plan considering the layout of the equipment and furniture.
  • Hearing and listing down requests and suggestions, meeting up with ITs and installers and giving supervision while installation is on going.
  • Allow a gap or provide time for issues that might occur while the project is ongoing.
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  1. Moving

  • Evaluating and determining the downtime needed. Talk to your users or clients and let them know.
  • Being onsite on the first day to check and help any issue occurrence..
  • Collaborating with the providers and vendors for DNS and IP Addresses issues.
  • Assessing and determining the impact of the loss of server so as to know what should be done to minimize it.
  • Making sure that the network services are good to go before moving.
  • Creating a detailed relocation plan including the timeline and duties.
  • Transporting the appropriate key equipments and reinstalling it in the new office.
  • Cooperating with all other vendors, starting all server and making sure everything is up and running.
  1. Try-Out and Affirmation

  • Double checking the vendors test results and making sure that the systems are running and provide a detailed documentation.
  • Providing a hand in disengaging from old providers and services and disconnecting from the previous location.
  • Affirming everything by documenting all the works done and the new network system.
  • Securing and establishing the network by making sure that everything is working and is up and running.
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Remember to plan any cubes and their power!

We have provided you the checklist on what to do for a successful office relocation. Let us know how your moving was done and if there’s anything we need to add. If you don’t wanna go through all of these, we are here to help. Call us at