Crap! Time For Some Network Cabling In A Warehouse Again!

Running cables in a warehouse is either easy or a slow painful process like dinner with the in-laws at Christmas…..did I really admit that?

Anyway, with the proper planning and experience most of the times a job expanding the network cabling into the warehouse is not a big deal. What we typically at Bridge Cable find ourselves doing is running cabling to cameras, RF Devices, Wireless Access Points or even extending a Demarc to the main office.

Some great tips or advice to help plan is the following briefly.

Ladders or a Lift?

ladders data cabling radnor

A Extension Ladder works well and great to have on any truck.

Majority of times if no conduit or protection is needed in a indoors warehouse you can just secure the network cabling to the grids or the ceiling. Using poles you can just glide the wiring right over everything and is a nice cost savings to your client.

We typically wire tie the cabling to wall and always…..always….always… leave a service loop at both ends. We actually tighten up the cable as we go as we are very good, tooting our own horn, so it saves time by going back later and securing. If you are new then we would suggest termination first then secure the cabling.

Time Saver?

tape string data cabling

Very fancy method of cabling that works 100%. Forget the gadgets!

Forget using the poles and tie some string to a roll of tape. Then launch that roll of tape as far as you can throw it. In time your techs will more or less have a contest or who was the better aim. Throwing the tape across several beams or grids can save time.

Word of caution as later when pulling the string with cable attached it. I Beams tend to rip the jacket on friction points so make sure to lube up the wire with gel of some sort.


Sidenote: The other day a technician was feeding cabling down a jagged edge of the wall in a hotel and just used shampoo as lube. It is not ideal but imagine the surprise of the tech on the other end….he smelled great all day. Main goal is not to stress the cable with over pulling, always protect the cable!


Using a Lift.

lift warehouse abington data cabling

Using a lift for pulling network cables is not always the easiest!

Safety review time when using a lift! No debate on that and no matter how many times you have used one! At times using a lift is actually slower than a ladder but of course depending of the height of the ceiling you must use it.

Before you go up in the clouds make sure you pack everything you need, including the kitchen sink! Secure you gear as you do not want to be stepping on loose gear. We typically tie off our gear before we go too high. A two man team is preferred especially when mounting security cameras. One tech in the lift and the other on walkie-talkie next to the monitor to direct the position of the cameras. Running network cabling is more direct using a lift as you can guide the wiring or the poles through smaller spots.

Protection for the team!

safety construction abington

For real… jokes….Safety First.

After a few years everyone knows it all and the job is flowing. Someone trips or someone gets cut. Why? Often times in the start of the job safety gear or safety guidelines are not reviewed. A moment of a truth….how many times have you bumped your head on a ceiling or beam using a lift? Wear protection, helmets and glasses. Most of the wear and tear on our techs are off-site as every job we review guidelines before we start everyday.

Most of the injuries our team gets is at the gym, this is why the author of this blog prefers spending their free time at the bakery……holiday apple turnovers do wonders for the soul. Wait, we are talking about wiring right? :)

Last Step, Important! Tests.

network cable tester rwc

Last step to any job is network cabling testing and reports.

Okay the team was spent some time running the cable down and across every wall of the building and what is next? Bridge Cable does the standard cabling reports or the wiring and even stress tests the cabling. It’s more for the entire project to have the peace of mind the cabling is rock solid and ready to be equipped with the right devices. Whether is is required or not our techs take pride in using the best cabling and have installed a permanent backbone for your company.

Remember down the road, network cabling is more important then most think about. Imagine a BMW 745Li with no name tires? Can you take a corner doing 100Mph?

Can you company be productive with low end wiring and shoddy work? If the answer is yes…..well…..we will see you for a service call you replace your wiring soon!

Love to hear any solutions or time savers that others might have when doing some network cabling in a warehouse or actually anywhere. Learn more time savers in our Learning Center on our main site.

Share with others or call us with any questions (877) 832-1206.

Thank you,

Bridge Cable