Connecting Computers With A Network Crossover Cable

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It was recently that time of the month again when it was time for Bridge Group Services backup day. Yes, we are guilty of not backing up most of our laptops or units around the office an a daily basis. Our main computers that are critical for our business, do indeed have a regular backup that is scheduled though, as all companies should always have.

Connecting Computers With A Network Crossover Cable For Back-ups

Our technicians regularly carry laptops with them for that they use on different assignments or projects and most of them desperately need some spring cleaning from time to time.

Some of our network security scanning software can make some really large binary files, which means that burning to CD or DVD can be a chore and even to our network server that is overwhelmed with space issues as is, can be time consuming. So connecting two computers can be the ideal solution at times.

A network cross connect cable has different pin outs from most of the patch cables that we install. The great thing about always having several spare ones laying around to use is that the speed of swapping files is nice and fast. Also, we have to admit we can seem to move some larger files over to our servers for some odd reason. A busy technician’s laptop is always in need of a virus removal or just a backup in general.

How We Connect Computers For Back-up

Simple steps with Windows leading you down the road. Here is the procedure that we follow for connecting two laptops to run a back-up.

1 – Dis-connect any Wireless networks that you might be connected to.

2 – Plug in the crossover cable into both of the units that you are transferring the files to and from.

3 – Make sure both computers are on the same Work-Group and then Enable Network Sharing as well.

4 – Create an ADMIN account for both computers that you can delete later, if you do not know your admin password currently.

5 – Make a shared directory on the “backup” computer.

6 – Click on your Start button and type in //examplecomputername

7 – You will now see the shared directory and can swap files from one computer to another.

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Easy and simple to swap your files or make a “home network” with a cross over cable.

You can swap files around when on a network, but if you just want to connect two computers this is a fast and easy way to do it.

There are more examples of how to do lot of things in all the different aspects of network cabling in our learning center page as well here.

I hope you enjoy this brief crossover how to guide!

Do go and stop by our YouTube channel as well, there are lots more great tutorials and information on all the network cabling tricks and services that we love to share with you.

Enjoy and don’t forget if you have any network cabling problems that you need assistance with we are only a phone call away on (877) 832-1206