Checklist For A Network Cabling Installation Or Office Move

planMust have CHECKLIST for your office move or new network cabling installation is reviewed here with some major factors to prep for.

Generally in our Philadelphia and New York offices 50% of our work is just repeat clients moving into a new office or changing their existing computer and telephone wiring. Below is some common issues or items we review with our clients before the move is made. Of course the list can be endless to a point but let’s start out with the TOP ones!

VoIP or Analog Telephones

Do not forget the older fax lines. Many times we hear, okay, here is the fax machine getting plugged in? Remember to make the needed changes or request to bring your fax machine over, yes….people still use faxes. As far as VoIP telephones we are always planning for them. Even if you or your company is not using them factor in cost in dropping extra network wiring on your installation for the future.

Of course most VoIP telephones can daisy chain off the computer network port but we like to seperate those lines. Real quick, in a standard new office install we drop 1 wire for network and 1 wire for voice, or VoIP. Back in the server room we will termination the network and voice lines on different patch panels. This way when your company grows it is as simple as plug and play. Typically network cable jacks are blue and VoIP is white. Currently we work with Broadview Network,  and their region offices so ask us for suggestions.

wireless network install

Can your customers check in on social media while at your business and help promote you??

Wireless Internet or Wireless Access Points

 Everyone is using a smart phone and new clients or prospects are coming into your office to sign the next big deal. Moving into a new office is a perfect time to run a new wiring into the ceiling for a solution. Generally rule of thumb with high traffic areas or meeting areas we at Bridge Cable will install a WAP in the ceiling. Make sure to order a unit that get’s it’s power over Ethernet, or commonly called POE. Cost is low with the units typically starting $100 and the Switches to connect to them the same pricing.

tv guideTVs for the VIPs, Lounges or Meeting Rooms

Generally NetFlix or YouTube has taken our attention from standard television viewing however this is a common last minute request with Bridge Cable. Most conference rooms will have a smart tv with a network jack builtin so consider a network jack on the wall. As well everyone stills is carrying a laptop with a VGA port, PowerPoint presentation anyone?

So in the conference room factor in a network jack, VGA port and a HDMI port. Common areas that might feature a tv plan for as well. Regular television service such as Comcast is run via a coaxial line and check with them if they will run the internal wiring as well.

DEMARC….Your Backbone Internet Connection

What’s a demarc? The DEMARC is where service provider comes from the street into your building. Comcast, Verizon or Broadview typically take 45 days to make changes or install the network cabling services into your new location. Again, 45 days….this should be your first call. As well internal wiring for your backbone is called your Demarc Extension. A Demarc Extension is a huge amount of work that we do in Philadelphia. Most backbone providers will just pick a outside wall in your building and leave their equipment there. Typically most clients with Bridge Cable would prefer their server rooms in a general area in the office. Bridge Cable will typically connect your demarc to your servers or patch panels. Verizon demands conduit and Comcast vary on what is required. Fiber is a huge amount of installations currently so talk to your network cable installation team about options.

Other Items to Consider:

The above is the most common we encounter in New Jersey and Philadelphia computer wiring but let us touch on a few more.

– Floorplan for new office, consider the layouts of desks and equipment.

– Power to your server room or closet.

– CAT6 or CAT5e, we suggest CAT6 for feature bandwidth usage.

– Desks or cubicles? Network Wiring takes more time to install with cubes. Remember to get faceplates for the network jacks!

– Time of move? Weekend?

Thanks for reviewing and print this out for a guide to help you move or plan the next install. As well comment below with some other ideas too.

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