Bridge Cable Provides Affordable Network Cable Installations

planning an installation with clients 

Careful planning with our Project Managers and techs ensure a strong network data cabling install.

Here at Bridge Cable we take pride in the fact that we provide network cable installations that are both carefully planned and carried out, as well as being affordable to our clients.

With technicians who are fully trained and experts in fiber optic, copper and all sorts of network cable, Bridge Cable is one of the dominant players in the Philadelphia areas when it comes to network cable installations.

The company always takes the time to sit down to review and plan with you the projects you want to undertake or the equipment that you need enhanced.

Network cable installation costs can only be successfully reduced if installations are planned properly, and if the scope of work is well defined. The focus of the company is not only on installations but also on integrating new technology with existing structures to bring greater value for the same or reduced network cabling installation costs.

Free Network Cabling Consultancy Services

network cabling installation costs voice data

Network cabling installation costs can be different for each project.

One of the most attractive feature about Bridge Cable is that it offers free of charge consultancy services. Our consultants will come to your location and help you plan your installation.

Our site survey focuses on your needs and what will be feasible according to your budget and objectives. The process helps to ensure lower costs and minimal waste of materials.

Types of network cable installations include all types of audio and video cabling for commercial and residential purposes.

Target customers also include Wi-Fi users who need cabling for their Wi-Fi connection, security system companies who require cabling to maintain their alarm and camera systems (CCTV), and telephone companies for which cables work as the backbone for all their operations and systems. The use can also be diversified to include data centers in computer rooms, which do cabling according to the scope of work.

Network Cabling Installation Price

The basic network installation pricing (as opposed to other companies) is extremely affordable. A standard set of pricing means that charges can’t be manipulated i.e. on many occasions big firms are charged a greater price due to their financial standing. A fixed rate ensures greater transparency in carrying out transactions.

The following prices are for single networks run at 100ft with termination is about $75 per drop.

Prices lower and raise depending on the scope of work or the number of drops needed.

Aside from discount rates that increase with the number of installations, prices are also discounted if installation is carried out on weekend hours and weekday nights. For difficult installations or those that require complex solutions, pricing may vary according to the nature of the job. However, that effect is balanced out by the free site surveys that Bridgecable conducts for you, which ensure the lowest and most affordable network cabling installation costs.

Please review our internal page on our website as well for complete network cable installation pricing and costs.