Network Cabling Partnership Process


One of the biggest reasons clients start a network cabling partnership with our team is that we are available immediately when you contact us. Whether you reached out via phone, email, or website, someone is there for you to answer any questions and to talk to you about your project needs. If the particular department that you need to talk to isn’t available at that particular moment, no need to worry, the point of contact reaches back out immediately!

To better provide you with all of the information that you would need from the Bridge Cable team, it is recommended to have the following available to you at the time of contact:

  • Location (It is understandable if you are unable to disclose the exact location due to confidentiality reasons. In this case, we ask that you provide the general location.)
  • When is the network cabling needed to be completed?
  • What is the timeframe for the project?
  • What is your (potential) budget? (See the pricing section below for more details.)
  • What is the approximate or exact amount of network drops needed?
  • What type of network cabling is needed (CAT6, coax, fiber, etc)?
    • For fiber, you will also need to provide some details such as:
      • Indoor or Outdoor
      • Single or Multi-Mode
      • Number of Strands
  • What type of drops are required (voice, data, WAP’s, etc)
  • Do you need door access, CCTV, speakers, intercom, and/or TV mounting also?
  • ….and more!

The above bullet points are guidelines and may not be the only things that are needed from you for your project quote.

Bill carefully reviewing the scope of work for a trusted client of ours, Costco!
Bill carefully reviewing the scope of work for a trusted client of ours, Costco!

Network Cabling Partnership Pricing

Even though our service ticket services may be a set price, for custom and/or larger jobs, we fully evaluate all of your network cabling project needs to come up with a price specific to you. Either way, you are guaranteed to receive a quote and pricing that is the best in the Philadelphia Tri-State area! Don’t believe us, give us a call today at 877-832-1206!

From the start, please be sure to establish who would be providing what. For example, is Bridge Cable acquires all the materials and providing that into our quote and/or billing later or is your company supplying the materials. If a lift is needed, will it be supplied to the Bridge Cable team or does the team need to rent one and provide you with the receipt at the end of the project?

Our Structured Cabling technicians double check all our test results!
Our Structured Cabling technicians double check all our test results!


While there are many advantages to choosing the Bridge Cable for your Network Data Cabling project, one of the key things that we offer that our clients absolutely love is a network map. Our senior office staff takes your blanks floorplan and turns around a map that has a legend and very visible markings and labels for any drops that you have. The best part of this feature is that it is free of charge and shared with you, not kept internally.

In rare cases, for smaller floorplans, if you only have a hand drawn version, we can create an official digital version for you.

**Please note that this feature is available only to smaller and less complex spaces and would not be a “to scale” version.

The Senior Network Cabling installers reviewing the network map.
The Senior Network Cabling installers reviewing the network map.


The Bridge Cable team wants to ensure that you are in the loop during the entire process. Whether your role is physically at the job location, remote in another state, or somewhere else locally we provide you with all information as if you were one of our team members. At your preference, we provide you with updates via email, text, and/or phone call. We know everyone is different when it comes to how they like to be notified so be sure to let the team know what works best for you and you can count on us!

Finishing the Network Cabling Project

Whether your project is a service ticket that takes place during one day or a span of multiple days or if the project is at a larger scale, our team takes pictures of our work and workspaces throughout the project for your reference. In addition, we have partnered with clients that have specific deliverable policies laid out from the beginning. If you are one of these clients that will need specific deliverable items, one of our senior office staff members will provide you with a unique link to review your specified deliverables.

Our team also ensures that every area that we stepped foot in is left in 100% pristine condition. We take pride in not only our work but of your project spaces. Your locations are left in good hands.

Visit our website or social media for even more helpful information!

Give us a call today at 877-832-1206 to book your Network Cabling Installation project today!