Best Tools for Network Cable Installation For Structured Cabling Projects

So makes the best toolkit for most technicians out there in the field? To be honest experience is the best tool but some basic tools makes it that much faster! Here is a overview of the various tools we at Bridge Cable carry on most of our installations.

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Ladders – Okay, seems simple enough but why these three?

ladders poles

Ladders and push rods are standard for us. Carry two types of rods, hard and medium flex work great!

The 4 foot is a great time saver for a stool or some extra height when punching down in your patch panel that all the structured cabling is going into. The 6 foot ladder is the standard “must have” for every install as most network cable drops are coming thru the ceilings that are around 10-12 feet.

The 22″ Multiple use ladders are bulky but awesome ladders for ANY network cable installation and including warehouse runs! All our techs traded in our extension ladders for these space savers and we can carry them in our personal vehicles as well in needed, plus some weekend chores have been spotted with these. The multiple use ladders can be extend for warehouses or a outside cabling project. Again these are more weight but if you have the muscle you can just use this one ladder for all your projects.

String – Silly, right? Not really.

string network cabling

Use string for speed when network cabling.

The author of this blog wasn’t that fond of using string but in time has gotten the “hang” of it. For running over long distances at times string is handy for making a pathway or even connecting rooms from different levels or floors. It would seem simple but until you do a install with it you can easily snag up on something in the wall or ceiling. Not picture is a favorite, a metal link chain, that can be tugged thru insulation and other challenges in the ceilings or walls.

Again EXPERIENCE is the best tool but the more tools or “tricks” the better the installation for time. How about a dandy trick that the novices forget?When pulling cable write the pull number, numbering solution for the patch panel or offices, directly on the box and cabling. Write the numbering on the cabling twice, about a foot from the pull or start of wire. At times new techs put the number right at the start of the cabling and when we cut to splice or jack the wiring the numbering gets lost. Write it twice! ?

Drills? Two please, if not a third!

drills bits

Using a few drills for network cable installation, cordless or cords?

We always carry a middle of the road drill for face plates and light cutting or drilling. Cordless no doubt as they are easy to work with. Now everyone carries a Hammer drill for those power drills or concrete from floors to floors. We choose corded drills much to a complaining team but the power and long life of these far outweigh the need of a extension cord.

Drill bits are a must with the most used is a uni-bit for metal in the walls or beams. Outside drilling with longer bits come from time to time. Most techs just use 3 or 4 bits but having a selection on the trucks makes sense. Again experience on your network cable installation will ensure the right bits. Be like a Boy Scout…..Be Prepared ?

Lastly….screws anyone?

screws network cable

Carry a assortment of screws for your installation.

Carry the oddest assortment of screws you can find….you will need them. Whether you are installation a pole outside to a wall or a WAPs to a non-standard ceiling grid….expect the unexpected. One of our favorites is the mason drill bits with screws, great for mounting a wall rack or a backboard. We typically carry a assortment of rack screws as well, most IT folks do not realize that not all racks are standard and about three sizes.

“Drilling” home the point everyone might have their favorite toolkit but our techs generally have 10 years under their belt(s) in the field and experience can make a kitchen knife work at times. That actually would be a interesting challenge but has never happened.

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Thanks for reading and again love to see some comments or your own tips!

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